Lean Six Sigma tool identifies the common problem of late coming at work

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leanCause and effect diagram or Fishbone analysis diagram has been an integral tool for Lean Six Sigma in analysis phase.  This tool helps to identify the cause for a problem. Fishbone analysis diagram is a simple tool that is used by Six Sigma professional to understand the root cause of a problem. By this technique we can identify the areas due to which the quality is not achieved.  Now let’s see a practical example where this fishbone analysis diagram is used.  Every company faces latecomers in their office. Repeated warnings and excuses have become a routine in an organization. So why does an employee come late to office? The causes can be identified with the help of fishbone analysis diagram. These are the factors which can affect the timing of an individual for office:

  1. People:
  • Children or elderly people at home
  • Feeling demotivated to come to office
  • Feeling lazy
  • Feeling tired and sleepy
  1. Method by which the employee comes to office
  • Waking Time and alarm clock malfunctioning
  • Route from home to work
  • Distance from home to work
  1. Measurement
  • This is the lack of motivation through incentives at work
  • Bonus
  • Late while dropping the children to school
  1. Machine not working
  • Malfunctioning of certain machines like alarm clock, coffee machines
  • Breakdown of car or train
  1. Weather conditions
  • Rains, fog, Traffic jam and holidays can also affect the time taken by an employee to reach office.
  1. Materials

Basic materials like food, clothes, petrol and electricity may cause late coming to office. This type of analysis gives a clear picture for the situation. Hence an employee can try to control certain factors by identifying the reason for coming late to office. Once these factors are identified they can be eliminated and can result in coming on time to office. This Lean Six Sigma tool can solve a basic problem that an organisation faces in daily life.

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