Lean Six Sigma finds a solution for Health care delivery improvements

Category: General Posted:Nov 12, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

healthcareEvery health organisation has same motto: excellent health care and cost control. This is common with health care organizations, health systems and hospitals. Market places and certain government regulating bodies are scrutinizing the patient outcomes and service quality of health care industry. Let us understand how these health care organizations are achieving excellent quality at low cost. The term Lean Six Sigma is a blend of two core concepts: Lean which helps in reducing the wastes by work breakdown process and getting wastes from the values, and Six Sigma which applies statistical tools and reduces errors in the process. Hence these two help in achieving fast process with the help of high quality and low cost. Earlier this practice was limited to manufacturing companies but now it has found itself in healthcare domains for effective results. The major advantages of Lean Six Sigma methodology in health care domains are :

 High rate of patient satisfaction and care

  • Low rate of complaints
  • High customer (patient ) satisfaction levels
  • Patient Services are provided quickly
  • Emergency departments are fast and efficient
  • Low rate of errors in medical and prescription

 Cost effectiveness by reduction in costs

  • Low rate of waste production
  • High levels of annual savings and better financial system.
  • High level of employee retention
  • Effective supply chain management

Increased level of employee satisfaction

  • Effective increase in throughput : that the rate at which the health care industry delivers its services
  • Low errors and effective processes
  • Scheduling delays have been drastically reduced
  • Complaints regarding the physician have been less
  • Work atmosphere is excellent for staff and clinicians
  • Low attrition rate and higher retention

Stronger growth

  • Elimination of wastes of the process
  • Increase in resolving system challenges

This was a list of changes that Lean Six Sigma has caused for health organisations. Find out more about Lean Six Sigma consulting and training for healthcare organizations at ZaranTech Visit http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/sixsigma. Call 515-978-7846 or email [email protected]




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