Five Key elements of Lean Six Sigma

Category: General Posted:May 24, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

Lean Six Sigma Training and CertificationTo score a project in Lean Six Sigma five key elements have been identified. These are:

1.Common vision and goals: Vision for a company and common goal, making it common goal for all the employees. Vision means the final result after the things have been implemented.

2. Need to improve: The need of factors to improve and succeed in the company. Team members and the managers must set the priorities of the project so that the project achieves its goals. For the project to succeed the managers must try to improve the solutions.

3. Established method must improve. The real root cause for the project must be analysed and customer value must be met. The business must grow with the new changed method. During the end of the measure step one must try to fix the problem and deep dive into finding the root cause of the problem.

4. Committed resources to accomplish the task. The people in project shall be supported. Resources must be scheduled and loss of these resources must be avoided.

5. Leadership in the project. One must be committed to the project and try to re-evaluate the project for the resources. Vision and objectives must be clear.

The real need of the hour is to have a good common vision that is aligned to strategic company goals. The main aim must be to meet the goals. Then Lean Six Sigma methodology is applied to make the project successful. Resources must be committed and effective leadership must be ensured to have a successful project that will help in gaining business for the company. At ZaranTech Lean Six Sigma methodology is taught with the help of practical scenarios and case studies.

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