Top 10 IT Certification Courses is Most in Demand for 2020

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If your career has been based upon technologies or practices that are disappearing, it’s a great opportunity to get reskilled and ready for your next opportunity. The following are 11 business and IT career fields offering various job openings and the certifications that can assist you with jumpstarting or hop ahead in those fields. 

1. Data Science 

Data  Science has overwhelmed the world and is one of the most popular career choices today. Opportunities in the field are perpetual, and job roles in Data Science guarantee lucrative salaries. Certifications that can assist you with moving into data science domain include: 

  • Data Scientist Master’s Program 
  • Business Analytics Expert 
  • Data Science Certification with R Programming 
  • Data Analyst Master’s Program

2. Networking

Each organization needs an effective and well-maintained computer network even during a time of cloud computing. Certification that can assist you with pushing forward as a hardware and network professional include: 

  • CCNA Routing and Switching Certification Training 
  • CCNP-Routing and Switching Certification Training 

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is the most trendy expression in tech today, and all the significant enterprises are utilizing it to improve business. From voice aides to drones, AI and Machine Learning are progressively finding applications in our everyday lives and are creating jobs crosswise over areas and giving rise to the new career paths. The certifications that can help you kickstart a career, or climb in your AI and Machine Learning career are: 

  • Artificial intelligence Engineer Master’s Program 
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science 
  • Machine Learning Certification Course 

4. Big Data

Big Data isn’t a technology, but a practice that aids in analyzing huge amounts of data to pick up bits of knowledge and improve decision making. As the sheer volume of data increases on an everyday basis, experts skilled in Big Data are very popular and are highly demanded. These certifications can assist you in finding a job in the developing field of Big Data: 

  • Big Data Engineer Master’s Program 
  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator 
  • Big Data Hadoop and Spark 

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5.  Project Management 

Project Management is critical since it ensures that the right kind of projects is taken up and that they are delivered on time and on a set spending plan. A Project Manager should have the option to negotiate reasonable deadlines and achievements crosswise over groups, the management, and stakeholders. The following certification can assist you with pushing forward in the field of Project Management:

  • Project Management Professional 
  • Certified ScrumMaster 
  • PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training 

6.  Cloud Computing

Basically, Cloud Computing is computing based on the Internet. Beforehand, organizations needed to utilize software downloaded into a Computer or server. Cloud Computing enables individuals to work on similar applications through the Internet from various systems, and has been broadly embraced and is currently utilized at most of the organizations around the world.

These certifications can assist you with propelling or advance a career in Cloud Computing: 

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect 
  • AWS Developer Associate Certification 
  • Microsoft Azure Certification 
  • Blockchain Developer 

7. Business Intelligence 

Not every person should be at the level of a data scientist to assist an organization with putting data to utilize. Experts trained in Business Intelligence (BI) can assume a significant role in expanding the utilization of data without requiring the full extent of training to be a Data Scientist. Certification that can assist you with beginning in BI include: 

  • Business Analytics with Excel 
  • Qlikview Developer Training 
  • Informatica Training 

 8. Cyber Security

With the regularly expanding number of cyberattacks, Cyber Security is required for every organization, because each organization has data that shouldn’t be compromised. We as of now have a shortage of cybersecurity experts, making this a good career option for those intrigued. These certifications can assist you to start career cybersecurity: 

  • Cyber Security Expert 
  • Certified Ethical Hacker Training 
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor 

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9. DevOps 

DevOps is a practice that assists speed up software development by uniting development and operations, thus the name DevOps. These skills are a need for any business that needs to get and remain competitive in the fast-moving market place. Certifications that can assist you with start a career in DevOps include: 

  • DevOps Certification Training 
  • Puppet
  • Docker 
  • DevOps Architect 

10. Software Development

Changes occur at lightning speed in the world today and software needs to keep up, driving interest for Software Developers who can build new applications as required. Numerous certifications can assist you with the transition into or move up in the software development field, including: 

  • Full Stack Web Developer 
  • Automation Testing 
  • Java Certification 
  • C Programming 
  • SQL Database Training 

Bottom line

Is 2020 the year you give your career a reboot? Provided those details are important for those who want to change their domain, you have a lot of quickly developing fields to browse, including Data Science, Cyber Security Or then again you can decide to remain in your present field and upskill so you’re prepared for the next phase of software development tools or project management best practices. 

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