Six thinking hats for effective business management

Category: General Posted:Nov 18, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

six hatsSix thinking hats is an effective tool used for decision making purposes while conducting business analysis. This had been developed by Edward De Bono. This tool takes into consideration various factors to make an effective decision. It involves rational thinking along with the emotional factors while making a decision. It mixes skills, ambitions and various feeling. This is an effective tool used during meetings.  Different thinking hats denote different styles of thinking. Now let’s discuss different styles of thinking:

  • White hat: This type of thinking involves analysing the data for the past trends and then finding a solution. Hence one closely looks at the records and the information that is available.
  • Red hat: While using this hat, one looks at the problem with emotion and intuition. This understands the different reactions from people for the problem.
  • Black hat: This takes into consideration the negative aspects of the decision. It takes into consideration weak points that are associated with the plan or the decision.
  • Yellow hat: This hat allows you to consider all the positive aspects of the decision and look at the situation positively.
  • Green hat: denotes innovation and creativity. By using this hat you can find creative solutions for the existing problem. It is a freeway of thinking with no criticisms for the ideas that have been generated.
  • Blue hat: This is used for controlling the process. It is used by people who head the meetings.

These different thinking hats are used under different situations like when the situation is full of problems; Green hat thinking can find creative solutions to the problem.  Red Hat thinking can help the managers to see the high costs and factors associated with the high costs for a project. Yellow hat thinking can help make future plans and deals for the company if the economy is rising. Hence these are some examples of different thinking styles for business analysts. To know more about Business analyst training program at ZaranTech, please visit our website   .Call 515-978-9777 or email  [email protected]


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