Cultural Enlightenment a critical factor for implementing Lean Six Sigma

Category: General Posted:Dec 07, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

s1What does culture mean? Culture means shared beliefs and values for a group of people. Sharing a common belief and value for an organisation improvement is the critical factor for implementing lean six sigma. We are seeing cultural changes in implementation of Six Sigma with the modern approach. The approach has become more customers oriented rather than focusing on departments. Now every team member is involved for the brainstorming sessions for projects.

Companies that experience diversity in culture can face this radical improvement issues. Parameters like technologies can help identify the strengths and weakness of an organization. This in turn leads to ensuring quality at the organization. Cultural diversity is the issues that many multinational organizations are currently facing. Hence an organization must encourage the employees to remove the cultural inhibits and fear. Thus an employee also develops a sense of pride and achievement. Cross cultural projects help to identify the various working sectors for an organization. For example, Chinese Manufacturing unit requires addressing the Chinese clients and customers. Hence the working knowledge of these parameters plays an important role in implementing Six Sigma in these units. A training company shall address the needs of Chinese clients. Let’s us say if the employees are also from these regions we can work together to implement quality services at their sector. Lean Six Sigma helps to identify the weakness and the loopholes that might be harmful for the project quality. Since this diversity amongst the employees may lead to different ideas generation, hence one may select the best ideas depending on the needs and the situation. So these tools provide a medium in such multinational organization which deals with diverse clients and employees. In future these factors shall prove to be the strength for an organization and shall help in earning huge profits for a company.

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