Why is Six Sigma important ?

Category: General Posted:Oct 20, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

sigmaOften we have heard that the work lacks quality and the project is resulting in high cost. So is there any method by which the quality can be improved and cost can be reduced? The answer is YES, the method is six sigma methodologies. Six sigma is a management philosophy that was developed to reduce costs, increase profits and reduce wastage of an organization. The method was developed by MOTOROLA in 1986. It had been made as central business strategy for General Electric in 1995. This method was developed to improve the quality, establish a world class standard and save the cost for the company. As the costs are reduced the revenues generated increase thus creating a profitable situation for the organisation.

This methodology develops a sense of accountability and responsibility among the employees. By using this method we ensure customer satisfaction, improved bottom-line, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and better partnerships. A six Sigma professional is the change agent of an organisation and ensures that the processes in an organisation are as per the quality standards. Hence it ensures customer satisfaction.

Now to apply Six sigma methodologies, one needs to understand the tools required for the same. Six sigma is finding application in IT, Healthcare and manufacturing process. Hence these industries require certified six sigma professional. A six sigma professional uses software tools like Minitab to find the defects in the process and to ensure quality. Hence this is done by case analysis and process analysis. The software tools give an insight into the data relevant to the process mapping. ZaranTech LLC. provides a comprehensive training on Six sigma. This training helps studying the theoretical aspects of six sigma and practical usage of Minitab tool. Hence the case studies, projects and assignments make the learner well knowledgeable in this study area. Once an individual gets certified as Six sigma Green Belt, he can analyse the organisation process. So, to reduce the cost of an organisation and improve the profits application of six sigma methodology is essential.

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