How to Become a SAP FICO Consultant?

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Becoming a SAP FICO functional consultant is not a straightway process. While the remuneration of the SAP consultants is well known by its attractiveness, you should not expect earning such salary in the first few years. Very often the only reason for many to enter this field is the lucrative incomes, but they lose themselves in the sea of the SAP resources.   You should invest a lot of time and probably money before you could have chances to find a good job in this field.

In last few years consulting companies are looking for experienced applicants which could immediately enter into projects and start adding value to the team. It has pure economic sense to behave that way. The risks they face when they hire a SAP fresher are huge. They should invest a lot of money and expensive senior time before the employee starts to add value to the team or the company as whole.

This process will take at least 6 months, but after that the employee will have good opportunities to find a job with descent salary. You could imagine the risks that consulting companies face when they hire a fresher.

If you are a professional with substantial financial background you will again need almost the same training before you start adding value. After that those professionals with a domain experience (in our case those with Financials background) will be rewarded very well, but the initial period will be almost the same.

Everything that I’ve mentioned so far is to present you the true picture of the market that you are intending to enter. You will face a lot of obstacles before you’re really find the job that you dream of and most probably it will take several years. The only fuel that you will have is the passion. If you don’t have passion about providing solutions to business people and support them in their day-to-day tasks, then you will most certainly fail at some point.

If computers are not your hobby and you don’t like to play with the operating systems & software that you are familiar with, then you will struggle with the tasks that you are going to have as SAP Consultant.

I am going to create “how to” series about “How to become a SAP FICO Consultant” with intentions to cover first steps in entering into the SAP world and in particular SAP Finance and Controlling. You will most probably find a lot of resources in and outside the internet, but you will get annoyed and lose passion. They will make huge mess in your head.

Don’t make the mistake to directly enter into tutorials which will show how simple is to create Company, Company code, Create and Assign Fiscal Year and, Charts of Accounts, etc. You will be not prepared for that and again you could get annoyed and lose passion.

Before you enter into the next parts of this series you should have following skills and knowledge:

  • Financial & Management Accounting knowledge
  • Familiar with the business processes
  • Passions in providing solutions and supporting the business people
  • Configuration, researching and testing skills
  • Be a patient person

If you don’t have accountancy background it will be great advantage for you if you are able to get into accountancy job in company using SAP. It will not only familiarize you with SAP software, but more importantly you will understand and feel the end-users needs.

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