Top 5 Programming Languages to get Highly Payable Jobs in 2019

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Top 5 Programming Languages to get highly payable jobs in 2019

The current young generation is eager to develop their career in the IT sector. There are various fields in the IT industries such as e-commerce, data analytics, designing, and Tele-services, etc., which have ample job opportunities and pay an excellent range of salary. In order to grab these opportunities, the candidates must have required skill set and interest. Most of the people are showing their interest in learning different programming languages to make their career in programming or web development. A programming career is profitable and satisfying and provides you with the correct skill set. The candidate must choose the right programming language which helps them to develop their career path and also to get a higher range of salary.

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Here are the top five programming languages that anyone should consider learning or mastering to get the highest paying jobs this year. Let us have a look at them:

1. JavaScript: Nowadays, most of the web developers are choosing JavaScript because it is one of the most common languages for developing complicated web applications. According to a recent report, currently, more than 94 percent of websites are developed using JavaScript. It is a client-side programming language which supports web developer to create dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing custom client-side scripts. With the help of JavaScript, web developers can create web pages which function correctly across different browsers, platform, and devices by integrating JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. JavaScript is an interpreted language including object-oriented capabilities, and thus utilized by developers for implementing complex web applications. Due to JavaScript’s different libraries and frameworks started as an extension, it has become essential for web application development.



JavaScript programming language possesses numerous features, due to which it has become choice of every web developer:

  • JavaScript is an object-based scripting language.
  • It provides extra control on the web browser.
  • JavaScript is capable of handling dates and time.
  • It is light weighted and case sensitive.
  • As JavaScript provides predefined objects, it is an object-based language.
  • Most of the JavaScript control statements are similar to C language control statement.
  • It has the capability of creating new functions within scripts.

Benefits of JavaScript: JavaScript has the following advantages:

  • JavaScript is comparatively easy to learn and implement.
  • It is a common language and used universally in the web. JavaScript can be learnt through various resources.
  • Client-side JavaScript is very fast because it can be executed instantly within the client-server browser.
  • JavaScript has the capability of working with other languages and can be used in a large number of applications. It can be introduced into any web page irrespective of the file extension, distinct to other languages. Also, we can use JavaScript inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl or PHP.
  • JavaScript has rich interfaces, for example, drag and drop functionality which provides a rich interface to your website.
  • It decreases request on the website server.
  • It also offers extended functionality. Third party add-ons such as Grease monkey allow JavaScript developers to write JavaScript snippets which can run on required web pages to expand its functionality.

2. Python: Python is another programming language which most of the candidate wants to learn. It is relatively simple, easy to learn and requires a unique syntax which focuses on readability; thus it has become the choice of most of the programmers. As compared to other programming languages, the developers can easily translate Python code; this decreases maintenance and development cost. Python also supports the usage of modules and packages which helps to design programs in a modular way and reuse the code in numerous projects. Python is one of the most flexible and demanding languages and can be utilized for several purposes. It is a general-purpose language which supports wide-ranging activities such as web development, artificial intelligence, etc.

Due to its various features, Python has added enormous popularity in developing the machine learning algorithms. Let’s have a look at its incredible features:

Features of Python Programming Language:

  • Python is simple and easily understandable language.
  • Python contains simple syntax due to which it is easy to learn and use.
  • It is free and open source language.
  • It is user-friendly and high-level programming language.
  • Python is a portable language because of its open-source nature. The Python programs can be smoothly run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. without making any changes in the program.
  • Python supports for the Object-oriented language, and thus the concepts of classes and objects come into reality. It also supports procedure-oriented programming, i.e., the programs are created around procedures or functions.
  • The Python programming language contains an extensive and broad Python library which provides a rich set of functions and modules for rapid application development.
  • Python is an interpreted language, i.e., the code in the Python language executes line by line at a specific time; this helps the beginners to debug the code easily and quickly.
  • It is easy to integrate Python programming language with other programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, etc.
  • Python programming language is extensible; this means that languages such as C and C++ can be used to compile the code and thus it can be used in Python code further.
  • With the help of Python programming language, it is easy to develop a graphical user interface.

3. Go: Google had released another programming language in 2009, i.e. “Go”. It is one of the most popular open source programming languages designed including systems programming features. The programming language is enhanced in such a way that it can be run on multicore processors, networked systems and huge computational groups. It is strongly and statically typed language and thus supports garbage collection and concurrent programming.

In “Go” programming language, the programs are built using packages, for effective management of dependencies. It uses traditional compile and connection models to produce executable binaries. According to Indeed, the Go Programming language is required as an essential skill for DevOps engineer position and also for full-stack developer jobs. The increasing use in data science Docker container and Kubernetes has augmented the significance of “Go” programming language. The “Go” developer can get an average salary of $79,985 per year.Go Prorgamming


Features of “Go” Programming Language:  It has various incredible features which are listed below:

  • The compilation time is very fast in Go Programming.
  • It provides inbuilt concurrency support, lightweight processes channels, select statement.
  • The Go programs are simple, easy to write, brief and safe.
  • Go programming supports for interfaces and type embedding.
  • It also supports for environment accepting patterns similar to dynamic languages.
  • It provides support for statistically linked native binaries without any external dependencies.

4. Scala Programming Language: Scala is a short form for Scalable language. It is a hybrid functional programming language created by Martin Odersky. Scala programming language easily incorporates the features of object-oriented and functional languages together. It is compiled to run on JVM, i.e., Java Virtual Machine. Most of the current companies who rely on Java for essential business applications are transforming towards Scala programming language nowadays to enhance the development productivity, applications scalability and total reliability. It is used for writing assistance and robust static type systems. With the help of Scala programming language, the real world problems can be solved easily. It is a general-purpose language which was developed to overcome the issues which other languages are facing. It has some fantastic features due to which it has become the choice of application developers.

Features of Scala Programming Language:

It is purely object-oriented language which means that every value is an object. The classes are extended by sub-classing and a flexible mixin-based composition mechanism as a fresh replacement for multiple inheritances.

  • It is also a functional language which means that every function is a value and every value is an object and therefore makes each function as an object.
  • Scala programming language is statically typed. It does not expect to give the redundant type of information, unlike other programming languages. You do not have to specify a type in most of the cases.
  • It runs on JVM, i.e. Java Virtual Machine. The Scala programming language is compiled into Java Byte Code which is executed by JVM. This shows that Java and Scala shares a common runtime platform.
  • Executing Java code with Scala programming language is possible. It allows you to use the classes of the Java SDK and also own custom Java classes.
  • With the help of Scala programming language, you can efficiently express general programming designs. It enables you to write codes in an absolute way so that it is easy to relate parallelism and concurrency.  Also, it decreases the number of lines and helps the programmer to write the code in a type-safe way.

5. Swift Programming Language: It is a new programming language which is developed by Apple inclusively for iOS and OS X development. It adopts the best features of C programming language without any restrictions of C compatibility. Swift is designed for developing cross-platform applications within Apple’s environment. Most of the companies are begin the use of Swift as an official programming language for Mac and iOS development. Its popularity has been increased gradually over the last four years.

swift prorgamming langauge


Features of Swift Programming Language: Similar to other languages, it also exhibits some amazing features:

  • Swift was designed to be beginner-friendly and simple to utilize.
  • Swift programming language is easy to understand and thus the beginners can easily pick up the language.
  • It is easy to maintain. It is statically-typed language and xCode will check the code for errors before it creates your app. Thus, the error will be followed effectively.
  •  It is faster as compared to dynamically typed languages because things are defined more clearly.
  • It provides enhanced memory usage because resource usage is essential for mobile apps. Swift uses automatic reference counting which will follow and manage your app’s memory usage in real time and ensures the correct memory usage.

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Conclusion: Well, all these programming languages possess different features, applications, and limitations. The candidate who wants to develop their career in programming should select the correct language for learning which suits their area of interest and help them to acquire a good job. Apart from these languages, there are other programming languages to learn such as C, C++, PHP, and Java.

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