After completing two trainings within a two years period, I can confidently say that zarantech's expertise are unparalleled in the areas of SAP FICO training. Andy, confidently shares with their students the real-time implementation experience of multiple full cycle implementations with major companies. Andy's teaching style is very practical and hands-on. She works very hard to ensure that not only his students acquire the needed skills but also offers post-training support to her students so that they can launch/excel in their career in the newly acquired SAP arena.”
Prakash Singh, MBA Finance, CPA, SAP FICO Sr. Consultant, IBM Global Services

Last but not the least, I thank Zaran Tech & Naveen for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful learning process and appreciate the efforts bringing in.

I am sure the BA Aspirants who took part of Zaran Tech till now are very lucky and I strongly recommend Zaran Tech for other, fresh BA Aspirants too.

Venkat pindiprolu, New York
Mohammad I Adil

Radhika Menon, SFO, CA

Radhka Menon, SFO, CA

All I can say is that I am very much impressed by Eliaz’s teaching style. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain in details. I have taken quite a few courses taught by SAP in materials management and APO-DP, but I have never had anybody as effective as Eliaz.

He can only teach and provide all the required material, but the rest is up to people how to practice and apply their knowledge.

Rakesh Raizada, Michigan;; Phone: 860-992-4286

Alok is the GURU in BA. He trained me to answer all questions and get a job. Helped me with questions I will be asked in an interview. He was right on the money for every question I was asked. From easiest question to the weirdest one. Alok predicted those question and prepared me to face those.

Swati is one best person I ever had the pleasure to deal with. She effortlessly guided me through the marketing process. As a perfect case manager, she kept in constant contact encouraging and supporting with whatever she could do.

Knowledge shared by my Father: A company constitute of people. If you know the people and their abilities, you know the company. As the group comes together, they bring out the best in others.

First step in becoming a Business Analyst is the training. I would recommend ZaranTech to anyone who is trying to change his/her career.

Thank you Zarantech for helping me become established and get a job as a BUSINESS ANALYST.

Syed Khalil, Omaha, NE. Syed Khalil,; Ph-225-754-2833

I completed a BA training, it was an awesome course. Zarantech is giving me the opportunity to excel. The instructors teach with real- job examples,coordinators and instructors are always there to help . I am confident that the knowledge that I got is going to open several doors that are going to take me to be successful.
Mauricio Cardenas, Los Angeles, CA

ZARANTECH delivered everything they promised. Alok, Arita and everyone are very professional through out the training process. Arita always responds on time for any questions. Overall this is the best training program and very professional.
Archana Reddy, USA

Veena Sehgal
Veena Sehgal, Des Moines, IA

Just cleared SAP webi 4.0 Cerfication from SAP on the 13th of this month. Thanks Eliaz for the training ... and thanks Alok for the video's. I did not attend your live batch Eliaz ... but just purchased the videos from Alok... webi 4.0 paper was for 3 hrs and needed 66% marks to clear the text. Any one planning to take the test please go through the SAP literature provided. and concentrate on the chapters as mentioned on their website. Also pay detail attention to questions on character string, variables and formulas, if, where, ... conditions and what IN, FORALL, ETC commands are used for (given in detail in the material). 80 questions all multiple choice... but very twisted questions....All the Best if any one is planning to appear for the same.

Eliaz.. you have lot of knowledge from your field... thanks for sharing with us.



From Sonia (our SAP BO 4.0 trainee from JAN 2012 batch), -posted by ZaranTech team

Shiva Sang,
Independent Consultant
Shiva Sang, Houston, TX

I would recommend ZaranTech training to my colleagues and friends, not just I want to recommend them, but I am sure they will really benefit out of the training if someone has got mind to apply what they teach at ZaranTech.

Thanks to Zarantech, Special Thanks to training co-coordinator Arita and Trainer Suman. Kudos to you guys, keep doing the good work.
Mayank, Mumbai

Besides that Instructor Eliaz is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several examples for our training .Though he was an asset to Zarantech; Eliaz was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the training. In addition to writing effective training modules for SAP BW.

I highly recommend Zarantech and Instructor Eliaz for training and employment.

Pramod Machabatula
Pramod Machabatula, Toronto, Canada

Looking forward to work with Zarantech's "After the training team" to help with my career.
I highly recommend Zaran tech training.
Email id -
Upma , USA

Amrit, Melbourne, Australia. Email:

Awesome Business Analyst Training..learned a lot in such a short span of time...the training blog and docs shared has helped me continue learning once the training was over. Puja, Alok is very good trainer. Any body who is in need of BA training should give it a try. Worth while spending your money and time. Email: 
Vandana Aithal

First, I will like to say thank you to Narveen for convincing me to take up the training in Business Analysis in place of my original intention. Secondly, the wonderful platform (Zarantech) where I took up the training. Thirdly, the experienced and well seasoned instructor, Sai, for really making the learning pace effective and fast(I for one prefer a fast and steady learning environment cos I do better). I will like to sum this up by saying "I'm very fortunate to have taken the business analyst track" Thank you all.
Emma, Email -

I did my training with Zarantech. The curriculum was insightful. Post course preparation is ultimately the key to success. To that end Zarantech supplied me with a lot of material which was of immense help. I wish Zarantech all the best!
Arindam , Email -, USA

I have been very satisfied with the business analyst training class that we had with trainer Puja Mishra at zarantech LLC. The class was absolute quality. Alok is a creative genius, he has designed the trainings with a appropriate use of web tools.
Mayur Akhani, Beaumont TX, ; 979-479-2779

Good BA content as for the PPT slides go and I feel it can be further improved with more examples. Instructor is knowlegeable and communicates well all BA topics.
Want I didnot like was:
Frequent class cancellations by the instructor. Not getting prompt feedback of the assignments submitted to the instructor. But overall, I enjoyed attending the class and learnt many new concepts BA.
Ram, Michigan

This is the best BA training I have ever been too. Lots of good material, just have to find time to read all. Puja is absolutely great.
Manjula Vedala

Sai you are an excellent trainer..I enjoyed being in your class..Learned lot of BA skills in short span of time…Overall Training as well as blog material was helpful and informative.
santoshi, MI,

“I’m 100% satisfied with Zarantech’s Business Analyst training and placement program. I love that it’s broken into manageable sections. This is an all-inclusive training solution… they give you the manuals, the lectures broken into short segments, and practice tests , case studies and assignments after every session is really great that I’ve taken. I plan to recommend you to others for sure!!”

I have recently taken BA course with Zarantech. The training was excellent and the team is very supportive. Instructor Naveen covered lots of topics and has great presentation skills. I highly recommend Zarantech.
Ishita Phranil Mehta

The BA training was very good.. great work by zarantech team of counselor, coordinator, trainer and the sr. business analyst for mock interview
Ram Verma, Austin, TX , Computer Sciences Corp

It was great experience with zarantech for Business Analyst training. Puja is a really good trainer , i should say whole team is extremely great.Puja is such great teacher she explained so well that person like me who does not have IT background feel so comfortable with this training. thanks to zarantech for giving me a boost in my strong Recommendation is for zarantech. Email:
Nusrat , Michigan

I recently finished my BUSINESS ANALYST training with Puja Mishra. She has a very good grip on the subject and gave us a good insight about the role of a BA . Very satisfied with the training process.
Thank you !
Radhika, Pennsylvania

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Our program participants were able to obtain employment with following companies after completion of our online training.

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Booz Allen Hamilton
Hitachi Consulting
TEK Systems
Good Year
Boston University
Eaton Vance
Kraft foods
Amsted Rail
National Semiconductor Corporation
Cap Gemini
World Bank
NM State University
Whistler Film Festival
United Way
Core Mobility
Install Shield