Why JAVA JEE is used in enterprise edition instead of spring?

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javaLet us see some pros and cons of JAVA JEE and spring. We need to decide amongst the both while working on a project. JAVA JEE has the following advantages over spring. These are: JEE follows a set of standard specifications and is not dependent on vendor. Many big companies support this sustainability advantage.

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JAVA JEE certification has become the need for the IT market.

There is an arrival of lightweight applications and frameworks for the JAVA world. Configuration is replaced with convention. Whereas spring can deploy the application in Tomcat. This is a type of container from web.

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Spring also uses spring batch. In terms of aspect oriented programming spring holds more power and flexibility.

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There is also faster release of the overall project with the help of spring. This has led to the usage of Java JEE in the enterprise projects as compared to spring.

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The developer may sometime choose spring libraries for extended flexibility. It also handles utility classes and container classes.

In JAVA we have Input and Output classes to read the data from various sources. There is a networking class that helps in communication with other network that is available locally. We also have Abstract Window Toolkit that helps in creating platform independent GUI applications. There is an Applet class that helps in making Java programs that is easily run and downloadable on the browser of the client or user. Most of the companies now are using online technology and gadgets to improve their business. Are you aware on the advance technology in this modern world? Online technology has brought greatly influenced to the people because their life has greatly changed and their lifestyle as well.

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If you might noticed the mode of living of the people around the world has also changed because of the presence of an advance technology. To know more about Java training program at ZaranTech, Visit  http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/javaCall  515-978-7846 or email  [email protected]

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