J1Sometimes, when we hear JAVA a lot of questions come to our mind such as first how computer programs work in JAVA? How to write our own computer programs?

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In order to inform you about JAVA computer programming language I am writing this article so people who are interested to know about JAVA can read this article and gain detail information about it.

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In this era households and businesses all over the world use computers in one way or
another because computers assist individuals and businesses execute an
extensive variety of tasks. Computers can perform all types of tasks ranging
from managing an animated 3D graphics application with background sound to
calculating the number of vacation days you have coming to handling the payroll
for a Fortune 500 company. When we want a computer to perform tasks, we write a
program. A program is a chain of instructions that define tasks for the
computer to execute. The Java developed from Oak. Java was created by a team
led by James Gosling for Sun Microsystems. Just as the deals with the set-top
box manufacturers were falling through, the World Wide Web was coming to life.
Oak’s name was changed to Java and Web-Runner became the Hot Java web browser.
It was originally designed for use on digital mobile devices, such as
cell phones, video game consoles and VCRs to communicate. That same excitement
has provided the impetus for a multitude of software developers to discover
Java and its many wonderful features. Java comes with a large library of
readymade classes and objects. The key difference between Java 1.

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0 and 1.1 was
in this library. – The AWT.

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