javaWith the recent advancement in virtual machine technology, Java has been the heart of the discussion. The use of first Java machine was seen in 1995. After those years things have been changing for Java platform. As Java is network oriented, the speed of performance is low as compared to C++. With the help of adaptive optimization, this problem has been overcome for Java technology. Sometime, performance is a limitation for Java application. Nevertheless Java is a flexible tool.

The monolithic executable code is easily executed in this programming language. With the help of Java virtual machine, you can easily deliver a virtual machine along with your program in Java, the whole program is compiled in monolithic code that is native to C or C++, at install time this monolithic executable code is done at user’s end and time critical sections can be implemented as the native code. In other words it is also referred as “Ahead of time” compilation of the code. Hence the virtual technology forms a major part of Java technology.

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