Why do companies avoid Lean Six Sigma?

Category: General Posted:Jan 07, 2015 By: Ashley Morrison

lean_sixMost companies are using Lean Six Sigma for process improvements. Some organisations do not use Lean Six Sigma. This might be due to certain misconceptions regarding the same. As we know lean helps in process improvement by removing the process wastes. The organisations has a lot of complaints regarding using Six Sigma, these are:

  • The organisation is very small.
  • Time is the constraint, as said by many companies.
  • They complain that Lean Six Sigma is for large companies and they are small
  • They complain that they are not the manufacturers.
  • They say costs for implementing the Lean Six Sigma s high.
  • The management complaint of talent crunch for handling Lean Six Sigma since they are operators and not engineers.
  • Fear of failure by the management
  • They fear whether they can handle mathematics and statistics.

There are lots of factors that stop an organisation to implement Six Sigma. But the above factors are the major ones. They fear from failing, but many organisations find Lean Six Sigma as a useful technique to reduce the process wastes. It has proven beneficial in solving bottleneck issues for an organisation. Apart from Costs the quality for projects has increased.  Thus the companies are achieving high quality at low costs. The management need to train a quality professional to implement Lean Six Sigma in their organisation. In long run, these techniques shall improve the overall efficiency of an organisation and shall increase the profitability.  We understand the need of such skills and the role of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional in an organisation.

Hence at ZaranTech we offer Role Based training for our trainees rather than Product Based training. Our learning program is innovative and creative. To learn more about our Lean Six Sigma Online Training, please visit http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/sixsigma. Call  515-978-9049 or email  [email protected]


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