Current Trends in Java technology

Category: General Posted:Oct 26, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison


cThe information technology market is waiting for Java 8. So let’s see what’s new in Java 8. It has been the most anticipated version. There has been an introduction to lambda expression. What is lambda? It is simplified method for a class. In this version only one abstract method is defined with functional interface. The best thing about functional interface is that they can be assigned to anything that gives meaning to the contract. Interfaces can have many default methods. Time parameter has been represented as period and duration.

A new application for mathematics in business applications known as temporal adjusters has been introduced. New class has been added for time zone. For decoding and encoding Base64   the developers were dependent on third party libraries. Hence there is a new introduction as java.util.Base64. This version uses multiple valued tuples. Java 8 supports multi core processors. It also supports concurrent programming. It supports concurrency in different ways. Instant class represents the point of time that can be measured in nanosecond. This version has several enums. The clock feature is used during production. It also helps to build tests. Many types of annotations are returned in the array.

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