5S Methodology in Lean Six Sigma

Category: General Posted:Apr 07, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

5S Lean Six SigmaThe workplace capability for an organization can be determined by the principle of Standard and discipline known as 5S. This also helps in maintaining standards of the organization as defined by the quality principle. The 5S principle is commonly used. The various steps in 5S are:

  1. Sort: The area must be sorted as per the needs in this area.
  2. Straighten: The data must be arranged for easy usage as per their locations.
  3. Shine: The workplace must be proper to use.
  4. Standardize: The above steps must be followed periodically to have standard procedures for the organization.
  5. Sustain: One must ensure to maintain the standards and quality to improve on daily basis.

This disciplined approach was developed in Japan. This method was followed for continuous improvement. It shall help in increased performance productivity, reduction in waste and establish quality standards. The 5S process is currently used in health care, manufacturing, education etc. This technique was used in Toyota. In Toyota Company it has been used for housekeeping purpose also. By this method they have increased their capability. With effective quality process, Lean Six Sigma is being used for manufacturing process. This 5S program has benefited many organizations. Most manufacturing and industrial organizations have benefited from this program. Overall a standardization process is important for an organization. 5S program is a part of Kaizen principle. Thus a continuous process of improvement for a workplace is the principle of Lean six sigma methodology. It is a unique methodology to eliminate 7 wastes. It helps in organizing the workplace for efficiency and effectiveness. It helps the employees to understand the order in which work has to be done and how the work must be done.

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