Characteristics of a great Lean Six Sigma project manager

Category: General Posted:Apr 30, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

Lean Six Sigma TrainingThese are some common traits for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project manager:

  1. A fantasist. Project manager must be proactive and should manage with the resources he has. He must be optimistic and not complain about lack of operating environment.

  1. A purist: The programme must serve the business not the other way around. Stakeholders are key important people in this case.
  2. A statistician: We can never underestimate the power of data. An effective manager sees beyond the number to manage the project.
  3. A strategist: Managers with strong strategy skills are great strength. They must work to deliver project and enhance the business strategy and programme. This means they must be a visionary and must deliver high results.
  4. A specialist: who tries to learn more about other fields and designs strategies for the same.
  5. An ability to get results. Project managers must try to find solution in challenges. They must have passion to solve difficult situations. This is gained from experience and change in the environment.
  6. A people person. Business involves people and process. There is a continuous improvement culture for people. Thus the people participating in the programme must have real skills.
  7. Intelligence: Applying six sigma project in real life requires cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence. The project needs to be harnessed in short duration of time. They need to plan and get things done from the team.
  8. Communicator: Project managers must effectively try to communicate the ideas and the solution to the team. They must listen effectively and encourage ideas and engagement. He must build rapport with the team.
  9. Leadership: A project manager must lead his team with passion and confidence. They must nurture a spark for change for the team.For Lean Six Sigma Training
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