Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare sector

Category: General Posted:May 17, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

Lean Six Sigma E-LearningThere is a rapid increase in the cost of medical care that is alarming and unsustainable rate across worldwide. There has been significant increase in the cost that has been credited to the ageing population and advances in technology. There are two factors, inevitable because of the demographic developments of the modern society and technological features that are out of control.


The unnecessary operational inefficiency has led to increase in healthcare costs for the organization. Healthcare professionals have control over the critical factors of the healthcare organisation. Inefficiency can be measured and the changes that have been made can be implemented to improve quality. These sincere efforts have given an affordable and better healthcare facilities for a large percentage of population. The medical service delivery processes has also led to some operational inefficiencies. There are other inefficiencies that are associated with logistical, administrative and operational side of the healthcare delivery system. This system can benefit from any quality process to improve the efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma is deployed while carrying out improvement projects for organizations. “Project selection is usually based on a translation of the company strategy into operational goals (Pyzdek, 2004)”. Lean Six Sigma provides an organizational structure for the organization with the team of project leaders and project owners. Project leaders are known as Black Belts (BBs) and Green Belts (GBs).

Unless healthcare leaders deal with rising healthcare costs, a decreasing proportion of the people of industrialized societies will be able to afford the high cost quality health care. The higher costs for healthcare have led organizations to implement Lean Six Sigma in the organization. With the help of Lean Six Sigma we can generate innovative solutions for better and efficient service delivery in healthcare sector.

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