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Java and the factors that make it the most popular computer programming language


With the passage of every day, some new and unique computer programming language is introduced to the market. However, if you do a head to head comparison between the popular computer programming languages, the slot for the most popular choice would go to that of Java. This is an advanced programming language in the categories of C & C++.

Java occupies the slot of the most popular computer programming language for its features like Platform independence, simple API and object orientation. Simple API for a computer language implies that it is maximum user friendly hence, can be controlled very easily. On the other hand, platform independence makes the language compatible to be used in wider scopes of devices. As a matter of fact, Java applications run successfully in the basic PCs as well as in the high-end Smartphone. The feature of object orientation enables the developers to represent the programming entities for the real-time of the abstract ideas, in a more lively appearance. Another unique feature that boost the popularity of the Java language is that even if you know a few of the aspects of the technology, you would be able to develop exquisite applications using the language.

The key job roles for the Java developers and the average compensation package


The key responsibilities for the Java developers can be documented as follows:

  • To conceive and develop high-performance applications of low latency that would participate in the mission-critical system for delivering optimal performance.
  • To plan, edit, modify, alter or upgrade the application in perpetual basis.
  • Producing efficient and testable codes that should come well designed.
  • The developer needs to ensure that the designs conceived are complying with the specification.
  • To prepare and produce the release of the components of the software
  • Support improvement and upgrade projects continuously through researches and development of technologies and methodologies as well as presenting the application for architectural reviews and audits.

The compensation package for the Java developers depends on their qualifications, experiences, expertises and most importantly, on the numbers of the successful projects that the developer had implemented. Of course, there would be variations based on the scale of developers enterprises, the demographic aspects as well as on the basis of the onshore or offshore deployments. On the whole, it can be said a competent and experienced Java developer can expect a well-paid job and a fast paced career development.

What are the key skill requirements for a Java developer?


The primary requirement is that the developer should have a strong hold on the fundamentals of the Java language, the APIs as well as the keywords. If you are an aspiring Java developer, you have to have a solid grip on the J2EE framework, Java Coding, the technology based on Java servlet as well as the service-oriented architectural codes and approaches. In order to be a successful java developer it is key to have acquired thorough knowledge of the Unix/Linux platforms for Windows as well as Solaris. Aside the technical expertises, as discussed, it is necessary that the developer is flexible enough to work in a team of professional developers. Superlative verbal and written communication skill is among the key essentialities for a successful career in Java development.

Undergoing a professional training with Zarantech Java course will hold the budding developers to establish a sound hold on the foundation of the programming language as well as developing the key skills that are necessary to achieve a successful career as a Java developer.

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