Lean Six Sigma Quality Management techniques to ensure high performance of an organization

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leanFactors affecting the performance of the organization are:

1)      Basic Infrastructure Facility.

2)      Ensuring Proper Management.

3)      Effective communication between the management and the staff

4)      Effective use of resources.

5)      Health Care facilities for the staff.

6)      Team work.

7)      Making the strategies and the mission of the organization clear.

8)      Performance Appraisals


Control plans are specification standards or manuals of standard operating procedure to ensure high service quality. Based on the identification of the critical factors that affect the performance of the services a control plan must emphasize on vital tasks .These tasks include:

  1. Effective written and verbal communication in the organization with staff, subordinates and the public.
  2. Knowledge of operating principles helps in effective decision making process.
  3. Use of electronic systems for keeping Employee Records.
  4. Enriching the recreational facilities.
  5. Ensure the proper quality and standards.
  6. Implementing regularly the standards of ISO and Total Quality Management Systems with the help of trained managers.
  7. Establish Contractual services with retailers and manufacturers.
  8. Performance Appraisals for the staff on meeting the specifications of quality standards.


Service Quality policies must be constantly reviewed by the management of the organization. Hence to meet the customer satisfaction the organization must focus on continuous evaluation and improvement process. To ensure quality improvement the process must have good private sector and public sector relationship Also, it is important “The main objectives of Quality Management should be to improve the quality of the organization.

“Performance measures are used in process control, e.g., control charts, performance improvement, and quality improvement teams, so that they give information about how well processes and people are doing and motivate them to perform better in the future

(Babakus et al., 2003)”. “All departments of the institution participate in this stage to make suitable recommendations” (Williams and Buswell, 2003). The SWOT analysis deals with the key identification of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to an organization.

Based on the evaluation of quality in the organization, the management prepares a strategic approach to understand the prerequisites of the customers towards the services provided by the management. There is a need to understand the factors determining the quality of the services delivered. These factors can also be the crucial factors in determining the success of the service. Hence these factors are termed as determinants of quality.

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