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KaizenKaizen is the process of applying continuous change in process, technology, quality, culture, leadership, productivity and safety.To understand Kaizen we shall answer three questions: What is meant by Kaizen? What are the advantages of Kaizen? How to start using Kaizen principles in the process?Kaizen was developed during World War II in Japan. The literal meaning of Kaizen is “continuous improvement”. It is the combination of Japanese words 改 (“kai”) which means “to change” or “to rectify” and 善 (“zen”) which means “for good or benefit”.

Kaizen is the core system which involves all the level of employees which includes top to lower levels. The whole team is motivated to give feedback on how to improve their process or organization on regular basis. It is not half yearly or at the end of the year, but Kaizen is continuous improvement process on regular basis. Certain Japanese companies like Canon and Toyota implements 70 of the suggestions that are shared in written by the employees. Kaizen involved changes that are not the major changes but small changes that are made on regular basis for continuous improvements in an organization. In most cases these are not ideas for major changes.

These changes that are suggested are not very specific to marketing or production area but every small area can have changes. The Kaizen philosophy suggests that the process must be improvised regularly to make it better than the existing competitors. But Western philosophy believes in changing the process only when a problem occurs in the same. Kaizen is applied not only in business process but also at home in Japan. It even includes social activities. This type of principle is applied in everyday life of an individual.

Kaizen has led to success in business in Japan. Suggestion times, just in times, Kanban, Quality circles, 5S and automation are included in Kaizen system. Hence it is the continuous improvement system to achieve high standards. Hence it forms the core of Lean Six Sigma Management system. For Lean Six Sigma Training needs, Visit Call 515-978-9049 or
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