Top 10 Applications of Data Science

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Top-10-Applications-of-Data-ScienceData science is a field of Big Data intended for giving significant data depends on a lot of complex data.

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Data science, or data-driven science, associates various areas of work in statistics and calculation to translate data with the end goal of decision making. Data science integrates tools from multi-disciplines to collect a data set, process and develop perceptions from the set, and take it for decision making. The disciplinary areas which make up the data science field involve mining, statistics, machine learning, analytics, and some programming. Data mining applies various algorithms to the complex data set to uncover patterns which are then used to excerpt usable and essential data from the set. Statistical estimates such as predictive analytics use this extricated data to measure events that are probably going to occur later on depending on what the information indicates occurred previously. Machine learning is an artificial intelligence tool that forms mass amounts of data that a human would be not able to process in a lifetime.

Data science is becoming one of the most demanding fields nowadays and thus used in various areas. There are multiple applications of data science.

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Let us explore them:

1. Healthcare Sectors: Healthcare sector is one of the most benefited industries from data science. Data science is used in detecting tumors, artery stenosis, organ description employs various methods and frameworks like Map reduce to find ideal parameters for tasks such as lung texture sorting. It applies machine learning methodologies, support vector machines, content-based medical image indexing, and wavelet analysis for stable texture classification.


3. Internet Searching: Well, apart from Google there are a lot of search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, etc. All these search engines utilize data science algorithms to provide the best outcome for our searched query in a few seconds. Because Google processes more than 20 petabytes of information daily. If there has been no data science, Google wouldn’t have been the one which we know today.

4. Digital Advertisements: Data science algorithms are also used in digital advertising. Though internet surfing is one of the most significant applications of data science and machine learning, the entire digital marketing spectrum is it’s another application. Data science algorithms are used to display banners on different websites, digital billboards at the airports. That’s why the digital advertisement has been able to obtain a higher CTR than traditional ads.Digital-Advertisements



5. Fraud and Risk Detection: The first application of data science is started from the Finance discipline. Organizations were exhausted by terrible obligations and misfortunes consistently. Nonetheless, they had a great deal of data which is used to get gathered during the initial paperwork while endorsing credits. They selected to carry data science practices to protect them out of losses. Throughout the years, managing banking organizations figured out how to isolate and defeat data using client profiling, past uses, and other fundamental factors to investigate the probabilities of hazard and default. Besides, it equally helped them to push their banking items dependent on client’s buying power.

6. Airline Route Planning: Airline Industry over the world is known to hold up under overwhelming misfortunes. But a couple of airline service providers, organizations are attempting to keep up their occupancy proportion and working benefits. With skyscraper in air-fuel costs and need to offer substantial limits to clients have additionally exacerbated things. It wasn’t for long when airlines organization began utilizing data science to distinguish the vital territories of enhancements.

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Presently, with the help of data science, the aircraft organizations can:

  • Forecast the delay in flights.
  • Decide which class of planes to purchase
  • Whether to accurately arrive at the goal, or take a stop in the middle of (For instance: A flight can have an immediate route from New Delhi to New York. On the other hand, it can also stop in any nation.)
  • Effectively drive client faithfulness programsAirline-Route-Planning


Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines are among the best organizations that have included data science to bring changes in their manner of working.

7. Gaming: Data science is also used in gaming. With the help of data science EA sports, Zynga, Sony, Nintendo, Activision-Blizzard have managed the gaming skill to the next level. Presently, most of the games are designed using machine learning algorithms which enhance themselves as the player’s transfers up to an advanced degree. Also, in motion gaming, your challenger can investigate your past moves and then shapes up its games accordingly.

8.Image Recognition: Another application of data science can be seen in the image recognition field. To understand this, let’s take an example, you upload your pics with friends on Facebook then you start getting ideas to tag your friends. This automatic tag suggestion feature is carried out by using the face recognition algorithm. In a similar manner, when using web WhatsApp, you scan a barcode in your web browser using your cell phone. Additionally, Google offers you the option to search for images by uploading them. It utilizes image recognition algorithm and gives relevant search outcomes.

9. Logistics Delivery: Data science is also used in logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS to enhance their operational efficiency. With the help of data science, these companies have found out the best way to ship, the most appropriate time to deliver, the best method of transport to pick subsequently prompting cost-effectiveness, and a lot more to make refer to. Moreover, the data that these organizations produce utilizing the GPS introduced, gives them a lot of likely outcomes to investigate utilizing data science.

10. Speech Recognition: Similar to image recognition application, data science algorithms is also used in speech recognition. Few of the best examples of speech recognition products are Google Voice, Siri, Cortana, etc. If you are not able to type any message, it is possible to send the message with the help of speech recognition feature. You have to speak out the message, and it will convert into text.

11. Price Comparison Websites: At a fundamental dimension, the price comparison websites are being determined by lots, and lots of data which is fetched using APIs and RSS feeds. If you have ever utilized these sites, you would know the accommodation of looking at the cost of an item from numerous sellers at one single place. Few examples of price comparison websites are PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, Junglee, Shopzilla, Deal Time, etc. Presently, the price comparison websites are found in every place, for example, innovation, accommodation, automobiles, durables apparels, etc.


Data science applications are not limited only to these fields. Apart from these applications, data science is also utilized in Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources, Healthcare, Government policies and all those industries where data gets generated. With the help of data science, the marketing departments decide which product is best for selling. Additionally, by forecasting the wallet offer of a client, which client is probably going to stir, which client should be inclined for the high esteem item and many different inquiries can be effectively replied by data science. In Finance data science is used to detect Fraud and risks, in Human resources, which employees are most likely to leave, workforce performance, and other tasks are easily carried out with the help of data science.

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