Top Companies to work for if you are a Data Scientist

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Top Companies to work for if you are a Data Scientist

Have you fresh graduate or a person who has just now finished your studies? Are you planning to start your work life? Is the usual mundane routine getting you bored? Simply head to a professional training institute and get certification in data science and begin your amazing road to success, both professionally and financially. Of if you have already heard about the subject and have finished the course already, fret not. You do not have to worry about the scope of the course. The industry of data science has been flourishing for quite some time now. There has been a considerable demand in the number of data scientists wherein different types of roles have come up and with each passing day, more challenges are coming in. Similarly, the availability of jobs is also high these days that ensures maximum job satisfaction. So why not benefit from the situation? Simply kick-start your professional journey as early as possible and make the most of it in the field of data science.

Data Science as a Career

Identifying the top companies to work as a data scientist isn’t that difficult. You can simply conduct an online survey or refer to the newspaper or dailies and you will get to know about the top most companies across the globe wherein you can start working as a data scientist. You can also refer to the lists published by Forbes or LinkedIn as well and if needed, can do your own study and analysis to shortlist the companies that interests you. As the future is all about up skilling, you can enter into the business or the industry of your choice and land into some of the high rated multinational companies. Let us take a look at the some of the highly recommended organization around the world where you can start your professional career as a data scientist.

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Being one of the highly successful multinational companies in the e-commerce sector, Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to work as a data science analyst. Mainly because, the organization records large amounts of data every single day that needs to be analyzed and categorized for the successful transactions of the business the company is into. There are ‘n’ number of tasks such as optimization of supply chain, inspection of fake reviews, forecasting for inventory and sales, timely optimization of advertising and promotional campaigns or say for that matter human resource analytics. All these fields need data scientists in great numbers wherein you can explore your skills and your give best to the maximum.

2. Accenture

Accenture is another top giant that has been dealing into consulting and various other data related businesses for quite some time. For instance, roles like strategy defining or simple implementation of the integrated data for better utilization of resources. Most of the departments depend largely upon the expertise of data scientists for their professional expertise and knowledge regarding business processes. Every year, there are a lot of openings in the company where requirement for data management is always there. For example, business process related tasks or management of large volumes of data. Apply and get an entry and become a part of the most of the most prestigious companies which is a dream company for many.

3. Citrix

Headquartered in the US, the multinational company has operations in India too. It deals with tasks like networking and technologies like SaaS and cloud computing. If you have done data analytics certification, it can prove useful for you to work for these kinds of roles where you can become an active member of the company’s research or analytics department and be an active team member to exhibit your skills.

4. Deloitte

Popular as one of the ‘Big Four’, the company Deloitte extends services for multi-disciplines such as audit, enterprise related work, taxes, and finance related advisory things or simply consulting for that matter. Because of the multidisciplinary form of the organization, large numbers of data scientists are needed to simplify the complex nature of the job the company is dealing with. So, if you are someone who enjoys breaking down of large pools of data so that the clients can understand them in a better way, then Deloitte is the right place for you to offer your knowledge and expertise in the field.

5. Flipkart

The analytics department of Flipkart too requires data scientists every now and then. Similar to Amazon, the e-commerce company too deals with large volumes of data that needs to be processed systematically on a regular basis. For the continuous improvement of the nature of their business the company is into, improvement of net promoter score is needed. It helps to gain insights into the nature of the business wherein the management can gain new insights and flourish in the future. So, if you think you are a right fit for this kind of role, then why not be a part of the one of the largest e-commerce company.

6. Fractal Analytics

Successfully running in India for quite some time, Fractal Analytics is another top most organization that acts as a service provider into analytics services. For tasks like generation of analytics for custom-made solutions, data scientists play a major role. And if you are a certified individual looking forward to begin your career graph, then Fractal analytics is your perfect platform to begin. Be it the commercial capital of India – Mumbai or other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai or Gurgaon, you can get an entry into the organization and begin your professional journey in a sound professional environment very early in your life.

7. LinkedIn

Recognized as the one of the stop platform to build professional network across the world, LinkedIn is one of the very few companies that recognized the worth of data scientists and opened the avenues of full-time employment for them. So, if you are someone who won’t mind spending few hours to decode the future prospects by utilizing the professional networks shared by people over LinkedIn, then it is the right place for you for your professional growth. You can offer your skills and enable the company to make best and smart decisions which can end up in a win-win situation for both.

8. MuSigma

Being a multi-national company, MuSigma is one of the greatest platforms that act as a solution provider around the world. Headquartered in the US, Chicago, the company has its delivery center in the Indian metropolitan city – Bangalore. The organization offer job roles such as refining and analysis of data, simplification of information and correct evaluation of results. If this is the job role that interests you then MuSigma appears to be your thing. Simply apply to the company and get an entry where you can join their analytics department and extend your services in the long run.

Apart from the above companies, organization that require skilled data scientist are: Akira Analytics, Analytics8,  BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Broscorp, Bacancy Technology, Cray Inc., Cartesian Consulting, Consagous Technologies, Diceus, Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd, Empirical Path, Fayrix, GFAIVE,   GoodWorkLabs, HoC Solutions, Intellias, Pythian, Romexsoft, Treselle Systems, IBM, Ideas2IT Technologies, Impetus, Myntra, Manthan, Datalicious, Napollo Software Design L.L.C and ISS Art., ScienceSoft USA Corporation, S-PRO, SumatoSoft, Space-O Technologies, ThirdEye Data Inc., XenonStack,  YellowFin, IT Svit, etc., are some of the companies to name a few.

Data Science, the promising future

Most of the organization that deals into critical applications around the world gathers information of all sorts. And if you are an individual who takes interest in dealing with numbers, statistics and facts and figures, then exploring the vast firs of data science can prove to be a challenging thing for you for sure. In fact, it can prove to be a smart choice for many who have done plain graduation in any of the common subject.

Learn Data Science from Industry Experts

Not much depth or technologies are needed as by attaining the basics of the field, almost all kinds of responsibilities in the areas of data analytics can be managed efficiently and effectively. A data scientist can earn an average salary of $83,878 wherein an agile data scientist can earn a little high. Whatever career path he or she may chose, with the approaches of new data analytic techniques, multiple allied roles can explored with equal zeal and strength.

Leaving a remarkable impression isn’t quite a difficult thing. By entering into the competitive industry of data science, offer your skills and head directly into the industry of your choice and make the most of your expertise in any of the developing or developed nations and leave your footprint. It is often rightly said by taking the less travelled path; one can not only go quite far but can manage to do real great wonders. Such is the field of data analysis that growth and learning happens side by side.

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