Top 9 Data Science Certifications for Skyrocketing your Career

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“Data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Heard this line a thousand times in my job in data science. No doubt, the job and the work of a Data Scientist is best amongst all, but do you know how a data scientist is hired? All the recruiters examine every single detail before they employ anyone for a data scientist position. Skills are the major factor and then comes the Data Science Certification.

Data Science Certifications give you a proof of the qualities and understanding you have. Once you’ve gained excellency in the field and have the qualification then trust me no one can stop you from getting hired as the Data Scientist.

ZaranTech brings a unique article that touches upon all the listing of top data science certifications that will assist you to uplift your career.

Data Scientist Certification Programs

As most of us know that the data science profession is one of the best jobs in IT. What’s more, it’s the most effective work you can obtain, according to data from Glassdoor.

Typically, Data scientist is necessary to almost every company. Recruiters are looking for competent individuals. Yet the skills will certainly vary across organizations and sectors. Additionally, data science qualifications are a great way to gain an edge. They allow you to hone your niche skills that are hard to find in your desired industry. Besides, it’s also a way to back up your abilities. So recruiters and hiring managers understand what they’re getting if they hire you.

Furthermore, you’re wanting to gain a certification in Data Science from an accredited university. Then again some experience as a new grad with the abilities along with a data scientist is needed.

Top 9 Data Science Accreditations

So, coming to the most trending discussion for aspiring data scientists, that is, the data science certification which will help them to gain their dream job. Below is the listing of top data science certifications with their cost and expiration.

Top 9 Data Science Accreditations

1. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification 9 Program

Primarily, Dell EMC provides a data science associate certification. This promises a hands-on, practitioner. That describes as the “industry’s most extensive learning and certification program.” As quickly as soon as you clear this data scientist accreditation, you’re considered “Proven Professional,”. Now it is clear to managers and recruiters that you have the essential skills they desire in a data scientist. Hence, it offers an associate-level and more advanced expert level.

Price: $200 per Proven Expert certification.

Expiry: Valid for two years only.

2. Certified Analytics Expert

Typically, CAP provides a vendor-neutral data scientist certification. That shows recruiters and managers that you aren’t biased to a specific software application. Also, it reveals that you have a wide range of understanding in your field. It helps you to balance your more specific, well-honed skillsets. Additionally, it guarantees to “change intricate data into useful learning and actions,”. That is exactly what businesses are trying to find in a Data Scientist. And then share to key stakeholders why those data points are substantial.

Price: It costs around $495 for INFORMS members, $695 for non-members. And the team pricing for organizations is offered on request.

Expiry: Valid for  3 years.

3. SAS Academy for Data Science

The SAS Academy for Data Science includes three programs.

One that focuses on Big Data skills;

The next one focuses on Data Analytics skills, and

The third program includes both Data Analytics and Big Data skills.

Also, it’s a wonderful way to obtain direct exposure and experience using Data Science tools to obtain Data Science certification.

Price:$ 2,250 is the minimum price for an individual certification program.

Expiry: In this case, credentials do not expire. However, some exams might be retired as software changes.

4. Microsoft Qualified Solutions Specialist (MCSE).

The MCSE certification covers a variety of IT specialties and skills. As skills are based on Data Science. Also, for its Data Science certification, Microsoft offers two training courses:

One that concentrates on service applications, and

the other that focuses on data management and analytics.

But, it’s obligatory to have prior certification under the MCSE for each course. So it makes sure that you have checked the requirements first.

Price: $125 per exam, per attempt.

Expiry: Valid for three years.

5. Cloudera Qualified Associate (CCA).

Essentially, this test shows your basic understanding as a programmer. And as an administrator of Cloudera’s enterprise software. Once you pass this test, then your earning certification is best to prove yourself. It will certainly reveal your performance to employers. That you have a handle on the standard abilities that is expected from a data scientist. Also, it’s a fantastic method to show your abilities if you’re beginning. But lacking a solid portfolio or past work experience.

Price: $295 per examination specialized and per attempt

Expiry: Valid for 2 years.

6. Cloudera Certified Professional: CCP Data Engineer

Once you earn your CCA, then you can move onto the CCP test. Cloudera promotes itself as one of the most “in-demand performance-based certifications.” Also, its primary focus on mastering skills and testing your competence. As per the web site, individuals who want to gain their CCP, require “comprehensive experience in data engineering “. Along with a “high-level of mastery” of common data science abilities is required.

Price: $600 per attempt– each attempt consists of 3 tests.

Expiry: Valid for three years.

7. Data Science Certificate– Harvard Extension School

To earn a certificate from this college, there is one condition to be fulfilled. To begin with, you have to finish this course. Then, you have to secure at least a B grade in 4 certification courses within 3 years. Also, you can choose 2 electives from the select group. That is one required data science course from another select group. With both an entry-level and advanced-level stats training course. If you are knowing programs then this data science certification is best for you.

Price: It cost $2,700 per training course, with a minimum of 3 to 5 programs.

Expiry: Certificate degree will not expire

8. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification

If you have at least 2 years of experience working in the AWS setting and you intend to change into the analysis of big data, then’s AWS Big Data Certification is perfect for you. With this, you will be able to carry out core AWS Big Data Services according to the most effective design. You will also acquire new skills to create and maintain big data ecosystems.

Price: It costs $300 for every attempt

Expiry: 2 Years.

9. Oracle Certified Business Intelligence

With the help of this certification, you will have the ability to prove your worth in finding out the numerous methods through which business intelligence tools are used for. You will also learn to optimize your business solutions. With the help of this certification, you can help your company in making thoughtful and data-driven business choices.

Price: Each attempt would cost $245

Expiry: There is no expiry for this certification


So, you have gone through all the essential Data Science certification. I did my job to help you with all the essential details and now it is your turn to choose the most effective one and take a step forward with your career. Still, at any kind of the point, if you need help, ZaranTech will be at your service. 

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