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Presently, Data science is growing enormously and being used in various fields such as Healthcare, banking, online retail, finance, SEO, digital marketing and many other fields. This emerging field has also increased the demand for jobs in the data science field. Well, there are various job opportunities in Data Science such as Data Scientist and Data Analyst. Most of the people think that both of the roles are similar, but they differ from each other. This post shows a comparison between the Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

Data Scientist: He is an expert who comprehends information from a business perspective. A data scientist is responsible for making forecasts to support organizations to take correct decisions. Data Scientist has a strong knowledge of computer applications, demonstrating, statistics and math. Various qualities such as excellent communication skills, ability to deal with both business and IT leaders make them distinct from others. Also, they are proficient in picking the correct issues, which will increase the value of the association in the wake of settling it.

The Harvard Business Review has named “Data Scientist” as the hottest job of this century. A candidate has upgraded skills in Data Science can now enjoy the advantage of various career opportunities in Data Science. According to the skills, a data scientist can be divided into different roles such as data researcher, data developers, data creation, data business people, etc.

Data Analyst: A data analysts also play a significant role in Data science. Data analysts play a lot of tasks related to gathering, organizing data and getting measurable data out of them. They also provide information in the form of charts, graphs, and tables and use the same to create the relational databases for organizations. According to the skills, a data analyst can be divided into distinct roles such as data architects, database administrators, analytic engineer, operation, etc.

Difference between Data Analysts and Data Scientist:

  • Data scientist searches and inspects data from various disconnected sources, whereas a data analyst is responsible for collecting the data from a single source such as the CRM system.
  • A data scientist must have strong business acumen and data visualization skills to change over the knowledge into a business story through an information, expert doesn’t rely upon to have business intuition and propelled data representation abilities.
  • A data scientist has to formulate questions whose arrangements are probably going to profit the business while a data analyst will illuminate the inquiries given by the industry.
  • In various scenarios, data analysts are not expected to have hands-on machine learning, knowledge or construct statistical models, but the core responsibility of a data scientist is to assemble measurable models and be knowledgeable with machine learning.Difference-between-Data-Analysts-and-Data-Scientist



Comparison between Data Analyst and Data Scientist:

The skills of Data analyst and data scientist expertise overlay with each other, but there is a significant difference between the two. The candidate must have basic knowledge of math, understanding of algorithms, excellent communication skills and knowledge of software engineering for both the job roles.

Data analysts are masters in SQL and utilize standard articulation to cut up the information. With some dimension of legitimate interest, the data analyst can recount a story from the data. On the other hand, a data scientist possesses all the aptitudes of data analysts with the solid establishment in displaying, analytics, math, measurements, and computer science. What separates a data scientist from a data analyst is the solid discernment alongside the capacity to impart the discoveries as a story to both IT pioneers and business partners so that it can impact the way in which an organization approaches a business challenge.

Roles and Responsibilities of Data Scientist and Data Analysts:

Data Analysts: A data analyst is responsible for:

  • Writing convention SQL queries to find answers to the complicated business questions
  • Investigate and excavation business data to classify associations and notice patterns from various data points
  • Identify any data quality problems and favoritism in data procurement
  • Implements new measurements for discovering once in the past, not all which comprehended parts of the business
  • Map and follow the information from the system to system for tackling a given business issue
  • Coordinates with the building group to assemble steady new data
  • Design and make data reports utilizing different revealing devices to help business official to make better decisions
  • Applying measurable investigation

Data Scientist: A Data Scientist is responsible for:

  • Turn into a thought head on the estimation of data by finding new highlights or items by opening the estimation of data
  • Data cleansing and processing
  • Distinguish further business questions that can add value
  • Relate different data sets
  • Data visualization and data storytelling
  • Create new analytical methods and machine learning models.

Average Salary:

The average salary of a data analyst relies on what kind of a data analyst you are, such as financial analysts, market research analyst, operations analyst, etc. According to a salary survey report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), the average salary of market research analysts is $60,570, an operations research analyst on average earn $70,960 and the average salary of a financial analyst is $74,350. It is expected that the data analytics job market will increase by 1/3rd by 2022 with around 131,500 jobs.  The entry-level salary for a data analyst ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 and for experienced data analysts it is between $65,000 to %110,000. The average salary for data scientists is $113,436.


There are various similarities and differences between a data analyst and data scientist job, both are incomplete without each other. Also, it is anticipated that the job market of data science will increase by one third by the year 2022 and there will be around 131,500 jobs.  Thus, it’s a good time for a candidate to become a master in data science and earn a good range of salary

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