Data-Scientist-Career-Path-in-DetailPresently, the Data Scientist career path is one of the sizzling career options. It just makes $123,000 average base pay that makes the position speaking to job searchers. Data science additionally hits high on satisfaction with a score of 4.2 out of 5, as discoveries from the most recent Glassdoor report uncover. This post presents a brief about data Science career opportunities and why “Data Scientist” is the most demanding job titles for the 21st Century.

Data Science Career Options

According to the Harvard Business Review, a Data Scientist is a high-positioning proficient with the preparation and interest to make revelations in the realm of Big Data”. In this manner, it shocks no one that Data Scientists are desired experts in the Big Data Analytics and IT industry.

Specialists are anticipating that around 40 zetta bytes of information will be in the presence of 2020. Data Science vocation openings will shoot through the rooftop! Not only this, but the lack of skilled experts in a world which is progressively turning to data for decision making has also resulted in massive demand for Data-scientist in new companies as well as settled organizations. A McKinsey Global Institute study demonstrates that by 2019, the only US will confront a deficiency of around 190,000 experts with profound analytical skills. With the Big Data wave hinting at no backing off, there’s a surge among worldwide organizations to contract Data Scientists to cultivate their business primary Big Data.

Latest Salary Trends for Data Scientist:

A report by Glassdoor demonstrates that Data Scientist stands out for the best occupations in America. The report continues to state that the average pay for a Data Scientist is an incredible $116,000 and there are more than 1,736 employment opportunities posted on the site. On, the standard Data Scientist pay rates for occupation postings in the US are one hundred fifteen percent higher than average pay rates for all activity postings across the country, as of February 2016.

data scientist salary in USA

salary trends for data scientist

In India, the median salary for a Data Scientist role is Rs.7,28,952 according to

data scientist in India

Different Job Roles for Data Scientist

The data scientist role is a limit between several disciplines. A Data Scientist is a multi-talented expert who can observe the big picture, while also being programmers, statisticians, and good data storytellers. A Data Scientist wears numerous caps in his/her working environment. Not exclusively are Data Scientists in charge of business examination, they are likewise engaged with building information items and programming stages, alongside creating representations and machine learning calculations.

However, in an information science group, there are individuals with various job roles, and they all contribute in multiple ways. On the off chance that the data scientist profession way is an ultimate objective, there are different ways you can arrive.

Well, some of the noticeable Data Scientist Job Titles are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data/Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager

data scientist salary in india

Skills required for Data Scientist: Coding aptitudes clubbed with the learning of insights and the capacity to think fundamentally, make up the weapons store of a fruitful data scientist. A portion of the popular Data Scientist abilities that will bring enormous vocation openings in Data Science are, SQL, Hadoop, Python, Java, etc.

Career viewpoint for Data Scientist:  A candidate can expect a bright career position as a data scientist with the right skills and qualifications. The demand for a candidate with these qualifications will go to continue, and the individuals who are already in data science roles are going to observe hike their salaries in the future. As the demand for skilled experts to fill these positions increase, the salary range is also expected to increase. Even the people who are getting the lowest salary data scientist jobs will still get salaries ranging from $600,000 and up.

Job Market for Data Scientist: With numerous job openings in Big data, the role of a data scientist has become the sizzling job of the era. In the present information based world, organizations are utilizing the experiences that information researchers give to remain one stage in front of their opposition while keeping overhead costs low. Huge names like Oracle, Apple, Microsoft, Booz Allen Hamilton, State Farm, Walmart, and all the more all routinely have work postings for data scientists. There was an average of 2,900 exclusive jobs posting for data scientists every month. It is expected that by 2020, there will be almost 200,000 openings in the data scientist field.


The increase in Data Science career openings is anticipated to endure for a long time to come. As data outbreaks our life and organizations try to comprehend the data generated, gifted Data Scientists will be kept on being charmed by organizations of all shapes and sizes. For example, a glance at the job board at uncovers top organizations contending with one another to procure Data Scientists. A couple of huge names incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Apple, LinkedIn, IBM and PayPal among others. The time is ready to up-ability in Data Science and Big Data Analytics to exploit the Data Science career opportunities.

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