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InformaticaInformatica nine empowers line-of-business managers and business analysts to spot unhealthy knowledge and fix it quicker. Design wise there aren’t any variations between Informatica eight and nine however there are a unit some new options added in power center nine.

1. New consumer tools
The Informatica Developer tool is eclipse-based and supports each knowledge integration and knowledge quality for increased productivity. From here you’ll be able to update those self-same rules, and build composite knowledge objects.

The Informatica Analyst tool could be a browser-based tool for analysts, stewards and line of business managers.
2. Informatica Administrator
The Administration Console has been renamed the Informatica Administrator.
The Informatica Administrator is currently a core service within the Informatica Domain that’s accustomed set up and manage all Informatica Services, Security and different domain objects (such as connections) employed by the new services.
The Informatica Administrator contains a new interface. A number of the properties and configuration tasks from the Administration Console are stirred to totally different locations in Informatica Administrator. The Informatica Administrator is dilated to incorporate new services and objects.
3. Database dead end resilience
In previous releases, once the mixing Service encountered a info dead end throughout a search, the session unsuccessful. Service tries to run the last statement in a very search, you’ll be able to set up the amount of hear tries and period of time between tries.

4. Multiple rows come back
Lookups will currently be designed as a lively transformation to come back Multiple Rows. We can set up the search transformation to come back all rows that match a search condition.

A search transformation is a lively transformation once it will come back quite one row for any given input row.
5. Limit the Session Log
You can limit the dimensions of session logs for period sessions. You’ll be able to limit the dimensions by time or by file size. You’ll be able to additionally limit the amount of log files for a session.

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