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InformaticaInformatica is the new integration tool that supports data extraction, data loading and data transformation.  It is a user friendly tool that helps in operation like drag and drop that is defined as transformation of data or different objects. It shall also design the flow of process. This design of flow diagrams is known as process of mapping. This mapping is scheduled to run. Informatica helps in extracting data from a given source, transformation and then finally loading the data to the source of target database. The major advantage of Informatica is that it can coordinate with all types of sources of data like mainframe, RDBMS, XML or SAP. IT can also help in moving the data.

So volumes of data can be moved effectively. The data is updated in small chunks.

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This helps in avoiding transactional logs. It can be used to join data from different data sources.  Informatica can also help in joining the data from heterogeneous sources. It can also convert the raw data to meaningful information. This ETL tool is very useful in the market for ensuring quality of data.

ETL means extraction, transformation and loading. This integration tool is very different from other software languages and platform. There is no built in feature to see the data transformation.

There are some facts regarding the company which developed Informatica:

  1. It was found in California in 1993.
  2. It has more than 3400 customers which includes Fortune 500 companies.
  3. It is the leading company dealing with ETL tools.

Informatica leverages the integration model for Lean Six Sigma which avoids waste and enhances the quality.

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It has the highest deployment rate with the renewal of product and satisfied customers. It is a moderate expansive tool in the IT market. It helps in reusability thus making it an ideal ETL tool. For Informatica Training needs, Visit Call 515-309-1546 or email  [email protected].

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