Data Science Ranks No.1 on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in the US for 2019

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Data Science Ranks No.1 on Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in the US for 2019Data science is the most growing and demanding field and thus increasing demand for data scientists day by day. There are plenty of job openings in the data scientist field. Recently, Glassdoor opened its report, which highlights the 50 best jobs in America, and there is no doubt that a data scientist claimed the top spot for the second year in a row. Based on the overall Glassdoor job score, the job site announces the report every year. The score is determined with the help of three essential aspects: the number of job openings, the job satisfaction rating, and the median annual base salary. Data scientist jobs grabbed the top position with a job score of 4.8 out of 5, including a job satisfaction score of 4.4 out of 5, a median annual salary of $110,000, and 6,510 job openings followed by other technology jobs, for example, data engineers and DevOps engineers.

Data-related job roles are controlling comparable jobs reports released over the past year as well.  A new study carried over by CareerCast shows that the data scientist jobs have the best development prospect in the next seven years because they are one of the most influential jobs to fill. Data from RJMetrics represent that there were around 11,400 to 19,400 data scientists in 2015, and over 50% of these roles were filled in the past four years. A rapid search for data scientist jobs in the United States on LinkedIn discloses more than 13,700 openings. Moreover, the job trends tool by Indeed, which showcases the demand for data scientists, shows that both data scientist job schedules and job seeker interest are showing no signs of decelerating down.

TOP 10 Jobs in America for 2019

According to Computer Science Zone, in order to fill the computing jobs in the next ten years, it is expected that there will be one million more computing jobs than employees.  Thus, how the role of the data scientist did came at the top of the rankings?  Few reasons and trends result in the data scientist position to claim for the leading position for the best job in the U.S. again this year.  Let’s explore them in detail:

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1. Shortage of Data Science Experts: The demand for a data scientist is increasing severely. Not only the individuals with high skills in statistics and analytics are highly desirable; however, the candidates with soft skills are also driving demand for data scientists. After the data science experts, business leaders can not only understand the number but also associate their results efficiently. Because still there is a lack of talent who can integrate these two skillsets. It is expected that the salary for data scientists will increase by over 6% this year. Thus, from where all the data scientists will fill these jobs? Because most of the candidates are not trained yet. While Computer Science program is in high demand and it will take some time for supply to catch up with demand. Big data and analytics courses have started creating their way into the classroom in the past few years, so it is fair enough to address the data science talent shortage as it cannot happen overnight. The number of job openings will undoubtedly continue to compensate the number of experts with a refined understanding of data and analysis to seal those openings in the next couple of years.

2. Companies are continuously facing a massive challenge in arranging data: The data scientist role is emerging rapidly. Thus, the organizations badly require professionals who can take the data, organizing activity as well as preparing data for analysis. There is a huge demand for numerous tools such as Data wrangling or cleaning data and connecting tools to get the data into a practical format. Data preparation may require multiple means, from interpreting specific framework codes into usable data to taking care of fragmented or incorrect data; however, the costs of terrible data are high. Some exploration demonstrates that analyzing terrible information can cost a current organization more than $13 million consistently.

Thus, there will always be a demand for people who can get rid of awful data that can adjust results or lead to off base bits of knowledge for an association. There’s no uncertainty that it is time-consuming work. Data readiness represents about 80% crafted by data scientists. However, even with the expanded accessibility of highly complex examination dashboards and data gathering tools, there will dependably be a demand for experts who have the propelled ranges of abilities expected to clean and sort out data before having the capacity to separate essential bits of knowledge from it.

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3. The requirement for data scientists is no longer limited to tech giants:

The demand for data scientists has at last pushed past large innovation firms, for example, Google or Facebook, as smaller associations understand that they also can utilize data to improve, more informed decisions. This, HBR features on big data  announced that “organizations in the best third of their industry in the utilization of information-driven basic leadership were, overall, 5% more beneficial and 6% more productive than their rivals.” As compared to large organizations, the small to medium-sized organizations are not mixing the data, thus moving through that data to extract significant insight into their business can be a substantial competitive advantage.

We’re likewise observing beginner data scientist rushing towards new companies and smaller firms as a result of the observation that they will have the capacity to manage higher-level work earlier in their professions. Data Scientists have an expansive scope of aptitudes, and they need to have the capacity to put those abilities to utilize immediately.

Smaller firms likewise procure quickly. Big organizations looking to hire entry- level data scientists are observing that their multi step, heritage enlisting and selecting procedures may require some refreshing if they are going to pull in the best ability that they want. So for the present, as the demand for data experts keeps on flooding, agile organizations keep on being the more great decision for data scientists, paying little heed to their size.

How to get into Data Science Field: The demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. There are various ways for the experts to enter into the data science field. There are multiple Universities which are providing data science program, but a data science position needs a combination of skills regularly, which most of the schools are unable to set altogether. One way to develop all the essential skills is by joining a data science boot camp. The candidate will learn all the analytical skills required for a data science position, including the training for the soft skills which are becoming more common in data science roles, such as managing projects and teams across various departments, consulting with clients, helping with business development, and taking intellectual business issues and changing them into analytical solutions.


Data scientist is the Best Job in the U.S. from the past four years. Its consistency in competitive salary, numerous job openings, and high job satisfaction over the past four years shows that the data scientist job role will be the most wanted jobs for the upcoming years. Data Scientist job roles are open to both technical and non-technical companies. Data scientists are responsible for compiling and analyzing data so that it can be converted into valuable insights informing business decisions. Various job roles in the Data Science field are a data scientist, data engineer, data architect, data analyst, and business analyst, and data administrator.

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