Top 5 Reasons to Choose Data Science Career

Category: Data Science Posted:Jan 25, 2019 By: Serena Josh

Top-5-Reasons-to-Choose-Data-Science-CareerThe demand for a data scientist is increasing day by day. The data-driven decision making is gaining popularity nowadays, thus; the data scientist job has become a new development throughout the world. Every organization doesn’t matter, whether it is big or small looking for the professionals who can understand and analyze the data and then send this data in a way which will be beneficial to the organization. Therefore, most of the candidate wants to learn about a data science and make career in this particular field. The current statistics show that the number of jobs in data science platform has seen a flow between the years 2014 to 2017 however it has doubled between the years 2016 to 2018. Well, this is not only a single reason to begin a career in data science, but there are also various reasons let’s explore them in detail:

1. The increasing demand for data scientist: The data scientist job is creating publicity all around the world through its demand. According to a report given by McKinsey and Company, by the end of 2020, there will be around 140,000 to 180,000 data scientist who is less than the required. The demand for a data scientist is increasing, but the supply is very less. As compared to engineers and chartered accountants India needs more than 200,000 data scientist by 2020. Thus, the candidate who wants to make their career in data science should not wait and start their career in data science, as it is a very demanding field.

2. High ranging salary: As per a report from the Glassdoor, in 2016 data science was the highest paid field to start a career. According to their findings, the national average salary for a Data scientist is around INR 6, 50,000 in India and the national average salary is $1, 20,931 in the United States coming to Europe. As per another report by O’Reilly a survey carried out for data science salary, the annual base salary of U.S. based survey defendants were $104,000. Robert Half’s tech guide represents the salary between $109,000 and $153,750. Another review carried out by the Burtch Work for data science shows the median base salary ranges from $97,000 for Level 1 contributors for $152,000 for Level 3 contributors. Additionally, the median bonuses start at $10,000 for level 1 contributor. Thus, as compared to other jobs, these salaries are much higher.High-ranging-salary

3. Data Science is an emerging field: Due to the growing demand of data all around the world data, data science is evolving rapidly. Data scientists have a wide assortment of ranges of skills that can use the information and data to assist associations in making better business decisions. They can get inspired energizing chances to work and explore different avenues regarding data to create the appropriate answers for the organizations. In a data science field, there are numerous new exciting fields are also evolving involving Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning along with some recent technologies such as Blockchain, edge computing, Serverless Computing, Digital Twins, and others which engage various practices and approaches within the Data Science industry.

4. Data Scientists give importance to the Business: Data scientists are flourishing in almost every field of businesses ranging from IT to healthcare, from E-commerce to marketing and retail. As data is the critical asset of any company, data scientists play an essential role they serve as a trusted adviser and strategic partner to their management. They are responsible for examining the data for a treasured resource which support to enhance their niche, recognize the preferred target viewers and handle future marketing and development policies.

5. Easy to take a job: Data science is a booming field, and it is the most demanding job of 2019. Most of the companies are greatly looking for data scientists because the demand for a data scientist is high and the supply is very less. Not only E-commerce companies are recruiting data scientist, but, the companies from almost every field are hiring data scientists. Many startup companies are depending upon data science to proceed further.

Apart from these reasons, there are other reasons as well, which compel candidates to select data science is a career option:

1. Experience Factor:  Experience is likely a standout amongst the most well-known words found in a job description, and to be perfectly honest, organizations, for the most part, need representatives with a huge amount of it. However, data science is data science is such a moderately new field. According to Burtch Work’s reports, 40% of the data scientists have around five years of experience, and 69% people have less than ten years of experience. As it is mentioned already, salaries to coordinate the wages with the experience levels. Level one individual contributor, typically has 0-3 years of experience. Level 2 contributors will have 4 to 8 years of experience, and level 3 candidates will have more than nine years of experience.

2. The range of undergraduate majors: Since data science is an emerging field, numerous colleges are included data science as an undergraduate degree program. Meanwhile, data scientists hail from a grouping of scholastic foundations, involving arithmetic/measurements, software engineering, building, and natural science. Additionally, a few data scientist have degrees in financial matters, sociology, business, and even medical science.

3. Work opportunities: After becoming a data scientist, you can work anywhere your heart wants. While 43% of these experts deal with the West coast, and 28% are in the Northeast, they are being utilized in almost every region in the country and abroad. Well, the salary will be highest in the U.S. are on the West Coast. The innovation business utilizes the most data scientist; however, they additionally work in different enterprises extending from medicinal services/pharma to promoting and monetary administrations to counseling firms to retail and CPG ventures. Data scientists even work for gaming projects and 1% work for the administration.

4. Lack of competition and ease of job hunting: As data science domain is a comparatively new field, not only there is a shortage of data scientist. Also, there is a lack of competition in this field. A beginner data scientist, and an expert level will have an experience gap of decidedly less years. Thus, this increases the opportunity for career growth. The demand for data scientists is very high, and there is a scarcity of experts in the market. Therefore, it is relatively easy to search for jobs in data science field.


Data science is the field which is not just helping organizations to perceive their markets and then making better business decisions, but it is also assisting organizations to draw closer to their customers to bring them effective services. Data scientists are the superheroes, who gather, clean and organize the data with their excellent aptitude. Aspirants who want to make their career as a Data Scientist have to make a lot of personal promise to work hard and deliver outcomes that matters a lot.

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