Best Practices for Informatica Development

Category: General, Informatica Posted:May 25, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

Informatica Training and CertificationOver the last few years, developers have worked on best practices framework. These best practices for Informatica are the norms for coding, implementation for efficient codes, and these codes are supported by other developers. This involves development methodology, tool functionality and coding practices. These best practices can be implemented in our development process:

  1.   Descriptions and comments must be improved: For an effective code, the codes must be built in with features for the ETL tools to  comment on the transformations. The code can be easily interpreted by good annotation. We can see how transformations are working.
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  1.   Standard naming conventions are used:  Readability of an ETL process to ensure the standard naming conventions are created and adhered.
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    One must adhere to the naming conventions. Rules must be created for different scenarios. These standards must be logical and simple.

  2.   Unused ports must be removed and Lookups must be improved.
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  3.   Caching strategies and unconnected Lookups must be improved.
  4.   Router logic must be simplified. By minimizing the amount of logic or the route group. This shall create flags that will result in Boolean output. Thus readability and support will improve.

Different organizations have unique needs, thus these organizations create their own best practices and development norms. When developers adhere to these standards, overall quality for ETL processes increases. Informatica is a tool which is easy to use. It has similar feature like visual basic where we have simple visual interface. The process is simple with drag and drop operations for objects and designing the process flow for loading, extracting and transformation. Hence this process flow diagram is mappings. After mapping the jobs can be scheduled to run and Informatica server shall fetch the data information from the source.

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