Best Paying Jobs for women

Category: General Posted:Mar 09, 2015 By: Ashley Morrison

payingThe highest paying sectors for women do not coincide with that of men. According to the statistics by Bureau of Labor women earn more than men in various sectors. Let’s check the latest fields that are high paying for women:

  1. Pharmacist

These are the people who handle everything about the drugs and finally give it to their patients. Female pharmacists earn more than male. Their mean annual salary is $99,000.

  1. Lawyer

This is one of the highest paying sectors for women. Female lawyers make an average of $85000 per year.

  1. Information Manager

Information Manager tries to plan and coordinate the activities in fields of computer science and technology. They make over $80,000 per year which is more or less similar to what men make in their sector.

  1. Medical Professional

Surgeons and doctors are on fourth in our survey of highest paying jobs. Their annual salary is $79000. This is also the top paying sector for women.

  1. Chief Executive

In this sector female counterparts might have salary less than that of the male, but their average salary is high like $76000. Thus being CEO is a matter of knowledge, networking skills and experience.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner works with the patients to understand their medical history and find out diagnosis for the patients. Their average salary for women is $74,500. They usually have degree in basic nursing. They are also registered nurses to conduct the practise. Hence nursing jobs are also ranked under top paying jobs for women.

  1. Software Developer

Computer programmers or software developers tend to design codes for their clients based on the requirement. They are included in every sector like government, medical field, military, public sector and private sector. Females in this field earn $72,000 every year. Thus making this sector, one of the top paying area for women.

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