Workday HCM Solutions: Top 8 Ways of Money-Saving Benefits

Category: Workday HCM Posted:Jun 11, 2020 By: Ashley Morrison
Workday HCM Solutions: Top 8 Ways of Money-Saving Benefits

HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions in the cloud are supporting a vast spectrum of services that are changing the workplace for companies as well as their staff members.

Corporate financial statements are actually seeing the outcomes of decreased pressures on IT, enhanced efficiencies, better employee selection, and also labor-saving self-service opportunities, among other benefits.

The leading 8 benefits companies are realizing from cloud HCM solutions are:

Greater Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Cloud Solutions offer secure access to various management tasks via an HR system’s self-service employee access portals. Individuals can access their personal HR data via mobile or desktop devices from virtually any location to view or revise their employee records, health benefit information, vacation requests, payroll, 401K withholdings, and so on. Being able to do all this,  without outsides support,  enhances their engagement and job satisfaction.

Boosted Independence from Onsite Networks and Devices

HCM in the cloud meets business needs without being limited to a physical/virtual network at the base office. Since HR hardly ever has committed IT resources, cloud systems provide different ways to have complete HCM functionality without requiring onsite expertise for aid with monitoring, maintenance, and repair.


Automatic upgrades

Cloud-based software is updated as improvements are made completely independent of the scheduled, labor-intensive internal upgrade strategies for systems took care of at the corporate IT level.

Transformation to strategic workforce analytics

In a similar manner in which Google Analytics aids monitor website traffic, HCM cloud solutions offer themselves to data gathering processes to better analyze, adjust to, and handle strategic business operations. For example, cloud-based hiring solutions can take advantage of Big Data analytics and assessment results to identify the optimum candidates for hire, plus examine the potential career path and growth opportunities of those candidates. This strategy is called Talent Science.

Transformation to strategic workforce analytics

Highly-developed steps for safeguarding delicate Human Resources data 

Keeping data safe and secure is just one of the toughest challenges HR deals with. The cloud addresses that seamlessly. Cloud-based HCM providers maintain the highest level of data security, much more stringent than traditional corporations can match with an internal workforce stretched thin by numerous other wide-ranging responsibilities. Cloud vendors are the de facto experts at data security and would quickly be abandoned if data was not under constant analysis to make it immune to the current viruses and made as hack-proof as possible.

Built-in integration with other solutions

Leading cloud vendors already have multiple HCM partners with whom they integrate their resources to share data as needed, optimizing an organization’s IT investment across numerous tools that were implemented at various times. Because cloud vendors already have these integrations in place, individual organizations do not have to bear the burden of building custom connectors.

Global support

With Cloud-based HCM, simple-to-use, automated support is a reality and is independent of time zones or corporate office operating hrs. Wherever you are, as well as whenever you require assistance, it’s available.

Tools to simplify the HR function

Often, HR teams need to be trained and/or certified on several software tools to be effective in all aspects of the job. Currently, with a single plug-and-play solution that encompasses most, if not all, of those HR everyday tasks of Workforce Management, the learning curve is shorter as well as less complex.


These are a few benefits of cloud-based software solutions, especially in the HCM space. When these savings and efficiencies are spread over large enterprise performances and tens of thousands of employees, the dollars saved per employee quickly place to significant amounts.

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