Role of Workday HCM in Simplifying HR Functions

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In 2006, Workday released its first product, Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). The subsequent year, it announced its financial suite, Workday Monetary Management. The Workday HCM fact acquired emphasis at the beginning; however, the company has worked over the years to make its financial software extra competitive with other ERP structures. Workday perception programs released in 2015 allowed users of the Workday software program to apply predictive analytics and gadget learning to Workday HCM and monetary statistics.

Workday HCM is a cloud-based human aid control software gadget that unifies a wide variety of HR capabilities right into a single system. The software program affords expertise management, payroll, time tracking, and repayment, workforce planning, and recruiting. Workday Human Capital Control allows businesses to layout and implements a variety of reimbursement plans within an employer, to administer each U.S. and Canadian payroll, and to use huge information and analytics for HR research and reporting. Unique features of Workday HCM that eases HR functions are depicted below.

1. Human Resource Management (HRM)

In partnership with our clients, HRM is designed from scratch to adapt to the entire spectrum of agency human capital desires in one HR control system. It supports common global practices and unique local requirements. It helps HR in modeling the workforce according to the organization’s unique business needs. It allows customers to access Workday anytime anywhere as it’s designed for every device.

2. Workforce Planning

It is the only cloud solution merge with the global core HR system-of-record, delivering unparalleled insight into the current workforce and future needs. Workforce planning software from Workday enables HR to:

  • Comprehend the workforce- its skills, location, costs, and performance
  • Create powerful and flexible headcount plans
  • Recognize problems and apply strategies to resolve them
  • Diminish talent gaps and remain on track to meet the goals

3. Audit and internal controls

This feature ensures an increase in efficiency and reduces the cost of internal and external audits. It leverages a comprehensive record of transactions with entire audit trails. For audits, it easily aggregates financial and operational records for audits. Workday keeps a single in-memory copy of HR’s data, to ease in delivering accurate reports anytime.

  • Attain efficiency in the company’s audit processes with a single source of truth that ranges applications
  • Identifies high-priority issues in short period, like expense policy violations with pre-configured auditor reports and dashboards
  • Personalize reporting to meet internal and third-party audit needs
  • Empower customers in running their own reports with attainable reporting capabilities

4. Recruiting

It is an end-to-end recruitment software solution that works ideally with the remaining Workday. Workday helps HR in building great teams, from creating their workforce plans to on-boarding new hires. With all applicable data in single mobile-first recruiting system, HR can hire faster and make more-informed decisions.

  • Take action anytime, anywhere by reviewing candidate profiles
  • Create a new job requisition in a single action and promote talent
  • By recruiting and compensation in one place make offers in short span of time
  • Permit applicants to import relevant information from social profiles.
  • Through automation increase productivity

5. Talent Management

With the help of HR Talent Management software, HR can be prepared for the future and devote wisely to the candidates and their fortune. With this feature, HR can increase the first-day productivity and decrease administrative tasks.


HR can use this feature in engaging employees at each stage in their career with shareable learning experiences that are accessible on any device. HR can use this feature in engaging employees at each stage in their career with shareable learning experiences that are accessible on any device. They can:

  • Deliver interactive learning experiences
  • Make learning professional by delivering an excellent experience as per the expectations of today’s workforce
  • Implement worker experience data from Workday to ally learning with the employee lifecycle

7. Compensation

With compensation management software from Workday, you gain the insight needed to create compensation plans that attract and retain top talent. It provides the tools to customize compensation packages and modify them on the fly. It simplifies the compensation management with automation and fewer system integrations.

8. Benefits

This feature helps HR in designing and implementing a number of benefits plans, including health, retirement, insurance, wellness, and flex options. With employee benefits, enrolment software from Workday HR can adjust quickly, transmit forms ideally, and ensures that all the employees are properly covered.

9. Payroll Management

Workday provides enterprise payroll software in Canada, UK, France, and the US. In other countries, they offer programs and applications to aid HR in integrating with the finest regional and local providers. Information flows seamlessly as the Workday, payroll software is unified with financial management, HCM, and time tracking HR can use this feature in managing HR transactions from new compensation plans to reorganizations and on boarding.

10. Time and Absence Management

With Workday Time Tracking software in one global system, HR can increase worker productivity, reduce labor costs, minimize compliance risks. Through this feature, HR can check what their employees work on, duration of work, and the costs with time tracking software from Workday.

Hence, Workday HCM software delivers complete visibility on the organization’s global workforce and more desirable user experience; so that the HR can keep their employees involved and help in their growth.


Workday HCM is a very demanding cloud-based Human Resource Management and finance software. Due to its various features, it is easy to learn and implement. Thus, the professionals who want to build their career in the HR and finance field can get trained and certified in Workday HCM. Also, it is helpful for professionals who want to enrich their career track in a similar field.

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