Top 5 Reasons to transform HR operations to the SAP SuccessFactorsNowadays, the business environment is changing quickly and continuously which requests superior agility constantly and capability to speedily develop new approaches as per the situations. But, sometimes it is crucial for the organization to execute those strategies quickly and successfully. The employees in the organizations are responsible for executing these approaches. Thus, the organization must have a business solution which helps to optimize their workforce for today as well as prepare for tomorrow. Currently, SAP SuccessFactors is one such solution which most of the organizations is using for managing their workforce. Many of the organizations are already moved their HR operation to SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite; however, it can be a hard decision for any business to transition towards the SAP SuccessFactors.

Every employee within an organization knows their internal business processes and framework. With the help of SAP SuccessFactors, the employees get a chance to analyze, rethink, and redesign these business operations in a simple, combined and effective way to fulfill the organization’s requirements. SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM suite is a complete, engaging solution which provides flexible deployment choices to begin anywhere in the suite and to go with any product that best suits for the business. SAP SuccessFactors associate people strategies to business strategies with workflows, content, and knowledge which directly influences their business outcomes and drives the success of a company. SAP SuccessFactors offers digital transformation. The other critical factor for effective implementation is engaging your employees for these digital transformations. SuccessFactors implementation has brought the technology and business process optimizations; therefore the organizations should be ready to address any succeeding data, process, people and technological problems. End-user analytics is the perfect way to prepare for this problem.

Presently, every organization requires a user-friendly and modern HR system. In the upcoming years, more than fifty percent of the employees will be Generation Y, i.e., Millenials, and this type of population structure carries various needs and expectations to the organizations and HR executives worldwide. SAP SuccessFactors is up to date and completely organized HR solution for the next generation. Like other HR systems, the SAP’s platform provides attractive interfaces and actions.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite is transported on a reliable, secure, and scalable architecture which provides various benefits to the clients such as quick deployment, rapid results, and constant innovation at a lesser cost of possession than other solutions. SAP SuccessFactors influences technology to eliminate complications with the organization’s functions and remains compliant with each nation’s regulations.  SuccessFactors also provides an experience to the client with their contemporary user interface with the help of Fiori applications available in most of the mobile devices.

Due to the various reasons most of the organizations want to transform their HR operations to the SAP SuccessFactors.

1. Integration: It is easy to integrate cloud platform with all other mobile devices and on-premise systems as it provides a flawless integration, due to this it becomes easy to access various business applications. SAP can provide help in performing and integrating other systems, which in turn help to bring in line all the business functions and procedures in a planned direction. Although SAP delivers free standard integration content, it is difficult to understand the integration variations and the associated costs offered by various SAP’s integration platform. The client may face difficulty in creating and maintaining all of their integrations from scratch when using a non-SAP middleware, for example, MuleSoft ESB or IBM WebSphere Cast Iron.

Integration method

2. Innovation: SAP SuccessFactors upgrades its software almost four times a year. SAP SuccessFactors provides exciting new features and functions in the product frequently. However, this may be overwhelming for a few industries, and for other businesses, it presents the opportunity to be transformed and to stay ahead of technologies and capabilities. It all depends on the type of organization you are working; this is either a value-add or an interruption to your business. Each year numerous existing clients of SuccessFactors carry out miniature re-implementations in their product where they explore the new features of the product released since their previous implementation went live. It is easy for the clients to handle the inventions and introduce them in their product because of various opt-in features. But, most of these features are never used due to which it brings the risk to the organization.

3. Usability and Mobility: SAP SuccessFactors is very user-friendly, this is one of the main advantages of SAP SuccessFactors over SAP HCM. The user experience is significantly improved, and its delicate features allow the users to enjoy it which have experienced in using the SAP GUI or SAP NetWeaver Portal. Mobility is a part of SAP SuccessFactors license in contrast to the SAP on-premise HCM software; this will help to eliminate expensive and complicated hurdles to the entrance. The SuccessFactors mobile platform is full of functionality in various fields like recruiting, performance, and goal management. The clients can still get a lot of mobile functionality without extra expenditure. However, the Android applications are not equal to the Apple version, and few functionality breaks exist for succession planning and reimbursement.

4. Cost of Ownership: SAP SuccessFactors does not require any hardware or infrastructure support; therefore this technology has less capital expenditure. As it offers a subscription-based service that is typically charged per user, the organizations do not require to own the IT solutions. Also, it is not necessary to buy any hardware which must be maintained by IT. SAP SuccessFactors removes the costly updates and deployments. The SAP SuccessFactors payments come with some models and brackets, but all these are running on a monthly basis. Most of the organizations feel monthly subscriptions an easy and practical way to manage finances, while for some organization it may be inconvenient and waste.

5. Maintenance and Administration: SAP SuccessFactors provides great administrative capabilities. The customers can uphold the complete system without any basis or authorizations consultants. For instance, the system administrator can perform activities like managing authorizations, user accounts, and passwords, email notifications, adding new fields or objects or altering the theme, etc. The system administrator can also get trained with the help of SuccessFactors free on-demand training videos on the community website. Also, the customer does not require to maintain the software, because SuccessFactors itself hosts the software.

Support and Collaboration: SAP provides vast and robust network support. This offers critical association for businesses going through related experiences, procedures, and implementations. SAP SuccessFactors has a specific Interest Group, which provides a chance for compatible users to join, and share their skills and awareness. This group executes the events almost twice in a year and presents an open, cooperative medium for networking, learning, and discussions about human capital management.

HR in Cloud: Due to the individual and business data, the future of business technology is mostly in the cloud. SAP SuccessFactors allows you to access the powerful memory, analytics, and mobile capabilities, this also enables you to perform more in the cloud and speed up the business outcomes in the process. With the help of the cloud, it is also possible to lower the management and maintenance cost of an on-premise IT system. Colleagues will achieve more advantage from an increase in association efficiency and flexibility, which means more than one team member can view and work on a particular task or project at the same time.

Although some businesses do not support cloud platform, it is something that SAP has partially recognized with their brand new on-premise solution which is going to introduce in the upcoming year. SAP with SAP SuccessFactors takes a complete approach to information security in the cloud.  A multilayered defense is implemented at all the points in the information flow including both logical and physical, applied across the database, middleware, application, and network to deliver complete data privacy, transparency and audit control.


Every business does not support for transforming towards SAP SuccessFactors. The business should consider various points such as innovation, usability, and mobility, cost of ownership, integration, maintenance, and administration for the transformation of their HR operations towards the SAP SuccessFactors. The business can consider these points as either benefits or drawbacks. It depends on the business that how they are considering them. The Rate of interest, i.e., ROI, and long-term costs are the extra factors which are to be considered, but these factors always rely on the discount for each customer. Businesses can gain some favorable concessions at the early adoption phase of SAP SuccessFactors. The factors discussed here will help you to move towards the SAP SuccessFactors; however, to transform towards the SAP SuccessFactors, it is always recommended to take professional advice.

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