Continuous Growth and Innovations in SAP SuccessFactors

For the last five years, the SAP SuccessFactors market is overgrowing. SAP SuccessFactors is continuously presenting its latest innovations every year. It begins to revolutionize in various ways and thus given rise to the fast-growing and great competitive HCM software market. SAP SuccessFactors had released out a data which represents that it has around 47 million clients over the platform. It also includes more than 6,200 client accounts and the chief HR business which is emerging at 51% every year. We know that SAP SuccessFactors is developed to manage the entire workforce procedures throughout the organizations. To simplify the various complex HR processes, most of the companies are using this cloud-based solution. It involves all the HR functionalities from recruiting to performance management. It also includes tools to manage hourly and liable workers, payroll in about 37 countries and more, wide-ranging analytics, and a comprehensive mobile platform.

Bringing all these products together, it has occupied substantial investment and an intensive effort. The learning management technology from Plateau, social learning tools from Jambok, analytics software, liable workforce management tools from Field-glass, and payroll, ERP functionality created by SAP, etc. are involved in this particular set. For the past few years, combining these achievements in several ways, such as through the user interface, re-platforming to HANA, SAP’s strategic database, by coordinating the back-end systems, and technology masses.

A significant modification has been observed in the world of HR, talent, and people management that compels the HR software companies to innovate constantly. Therefore, SAP SuccessFactors should stay forward of the market different ways:

1. To Provide a next-generation Continuous Performance Management solution, SAP SuccessFactors is the first ERP or HCM seller:

SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management that represents the latest features of constant feedback and agile objective management involves around 250 clients now and is in a situation to possibly lead this tremendous new market fragment which is now commanded by the new companies. In this particular, SuccessFactors have provided a guide for new highlights which is very inspiring. Expecting that the organizations will keep on leading in this segment as it grows into the feedback, commitment and group administration.


2. With the Introduction of Conversational HR, SuccessFactors has initiated the usage of Chatbots and intellectual interfaces:

The clients are now able to intermingle with the HR software via the chatbots with huge potential. The clients who are using the SuccessFactors can now interact with the software through Slack, Siri, Cortana, Google Gsuite, etc., which drastically enhances the productivity. The integration of chatbots with HR is a great and unique technique; it has made the life of HR easier. The Chatbots are useful conversational frameworks that not only encourage learning but also recommends new job prospects. This software is capable enough which tells the employees that they can avail for vacation. SAP SuccessFactors now develop this functionality into the core HR suite. Even in the future, it is possible to integrate these systems with your mobile phone or an AI-based voice device.

3. SAP SuccessFactors developed Innovative Analytics and AI Tools to assist with unfairness, variety, and inclusion:

From past few years, SuccessFactors has been providing tools with the organizations to eliminate the unfairness from the job descriptions. It also executes reports which show bias during recruiting and promotion. SAP SuccessFactors also introduces new tools that help to eliminate inequity from the talent reviews and correction meetings. SAP’s tradition acts as a leader in variety and inclusion represents at this time, the enterprise is providing a set of tools which are utilized by the HR and the business leaders now to observe as critical to their tasks in this particular field of unfairness and variety.

4. Learning in SuccessFactors continues to update and Grow:

Over $140 billion markets in itself, the learning and development marketplace is undergoing a terrible interruption. SuccessFactors have provided one of the first video learning solutions including a set of tools that help the companies to sell and deliver learning to their customers, resellers, and partners. This concentration on prolonged enterprise learning shows the capability of SuccessFactors to innovate again and extends its functionality in every field of HR particularly. It also provides the company with a greater marketplace.

SAP also has a planned association with Apple, which allows the two corporations to work together on a new user interface which is designed for IOS especially. The Apple and Android device has delivered amazing new user experiences, which makes the HR software not only informative but also easily accessed on mobile devices.  There is a new career-job site builder now and a lot of recent custom tools that helps to create the self-service portal and tools, which is one of the most imperative enhancements in the field of HR.

It is not easy to develop the digital HR software: The market of HR software is extremely huge, complex, and wide-ranging. The research specifies that numerous software enterprises sells several tools which deal with recruitment, employee management, and appointment, reimbursement, learning, and other parts of HR. If any company wants to lead in the HR software market, the company should be able to focus, invest and should possess the constant capability to change. SAP SuccessFactors has various features like global payroll, continuous performance management, and scalable learning management that takes several years to develop and so demands the comprehensive feature sets, different language, and universal conversion features, and also an architecture that allows them to scale and activate with real-time speed.

Apart from these, the SAP SuccessFactors has another feature called Succession and development. The Succession management is vital for the Organizations to excel in the modern highly competitive marketplace. With this feature, the organizations which develop an intellectual capital by continually educating the future generation are now able to achieve a diverse business benefit. A complete succession management process can enhance the workforce engagement and retention, which helps in the development of the organization.

Succession Management has the following key features:

Strategic Succession Management: This feature recognizes and helps to build the talent which is required to enhance the strength of the organization. It also helps to achieve the business objectives, at the time of providing perceptibility and succession planning to support the future development. It also recognizes where there are present and possible gaps.  It searches and suggests the applicants fill the crucial roles and also grow talent pools that spread the succession in the organization.

Intelligent career and development planning: With the help of this feature the employees can take control on their career development and growth so that they can speed up their talent development and increase their value within the organization. It involves the employees and inspires flexibility with a creative career path and suggested roles.

Powerful and easy to use calibration: This feature helps to assess the potential of employee correctly and objectively so that you can identify, develop, and hold the talent which is required to move the business ahead. It eliminates unfairness from the succession planning process and also reduces the time that needed to manage it using the easy to use calibration tools.


The SAP and SuccessFactors have shown the tremendous growth and innovations in the field of HR. It is developed to manage the entire workforce procedures throughout the organizations. Most of the organizations are utilizing this cloud-based solution to streamline their various complex HR processes. The SAP SuccessFactors have demonstrated their capability to execute and innovate which is expected to be more in future.

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