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Employee Central is intended to serve as a firm’s HR system of record by unifying SuccessFactors’ core HCM applications consisting of SuccessFactors’ Talent Management, Workforce Analytics, and Succession Planning software

1. How do you integrate SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with other SuccessFactors Products?

SAP SuccessFactors EmployeebCentral integrates internal with other SuccessFactors products through HRIS Sync.

2. How can you mask practical data in fields?

By establishing the quality pii=” real”.

3. Where do you develop associations?

in the Corporate Data Model( fundamental items) and object definition tool (generic objects).

4. How many data models are there in Employee Central?

earlier we had 7, currently, there are only 4 Data Models.

5. What is DTD?

Document Type Definition.

6. How do you set a location so the user can modify it?

Set the attribute visible=” both”

7. What method can Employee Central be Integrated Externally with other Products?

External Integration of employee central can be done by using a Cloud-based integration platform.

8. What are the uses of the proliferation data model?

It is used for auto-population several of the areas foundation tables to employment data.

9. How can you establish the field to be needed to ensure that it can be filled?

By setting the characteristic called for=” real”.

10. What is configured in the Country-Specific Sequence data model?

person things country-specific areas are embedded in the country-specific sequence data model example: Address styles.

11. What is specified in the Country -specific Corporate data model?

Foundation Objects and their partnerships are defined in the business data Model.


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