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It took a while for the project processes to synchronise entirely with agile methods. After increased acceptance across areas, Business Analysis is being tried and tested in an agile environment. The results so far are encouraging and confirm that the businesses have positioned themselves higher.

Who shall challenge ‘value to customer’? What issues are being addressed and why a particular piece of software is being developed as the core solution? Business Analysis answers all! Thus, calls for learning the agile impact while pursuing a course in Business Analysis.


Cross-functional Teams and Business Analysis

Agile environment happens to encourage cross-functional teams. In such a scenario, one is bound to doubt that if a Business Analyst is actually needed? A Business Analyst is deployed centrally and performs integrated communications amongst all. He has a high-level view of all teams, tasks assigned to them and the progress of each.

Thus a business analysis is imperative for every enterprise looking forward to expanding its customer base and exploring new avenues of success.

Changes in Business Analysis as agile gets adopted across the board

An important change that agile methodology has brought about in the functioning of businesses is that it has resulted in greater collaboration between teams. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is shaping up how businesses lay out their acceptance criteria. It makes the complex functionality of any given software more understandable for any individual of non-technical background.

A business analyst can contribute in more than one ways for the advancement of a business. Why couldn’t a business analyst play the role of a tester, where he or she would work on ensuring that the development team has worked well on completing all the requirements of the end customer! In addition, even the former could play the role of a proxy product owner to work out the modalities of signing off! The phrase that ‘that’s not my job’ has become too outdated in this age and one has to wear many hats at a single time.

Business Analysis by an agile team in the absence of a specialist

That would be indeed a cracking idea! Teams can come up with exciting ideas and there is hardly anything that stops them from making stupendous progress. However, there is a note of caution – absence of the same cannot be an excuse for letting things slip and cause an embarrassment later on. For instance, you may end up missing on important details that can lead to less than satisfactory understanding of complex business processes, thereby leading to incorrect development later on. It might seem tempting for developers to interview the clients themselves, but this approach can have deep pitfalls for the reasons specified above. Way forward for agile teams with respect to business analysis practices

  • The product owner should be included in the overall development process. There ought to be a detailed conversation among developers, testers and the product owner regarding the end product that you wish to develop.
  • Story kick-offs can work wonders when it comes to an understanding of requirements and the implementation of the same.
  • Collaborative designing by involving the whole team can be another cool idea. There are a number of options in this regard, including drawing wireframes of one’s understanding of a problem, brainstorming and finally, converging on a final design.

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Clarifying several complexities such as business processes, industry standards, company policies, complex changes in government regulations and much more. Business Analysis ensures dynamic changes around. There is a pressing need for not forgetting the areas that demand consideration.

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