Mistakes to avoidThere are some common mistakes that a Business Analyst performs. Let us discuss those mistakes and the methods by which one can avoid those mistakes to be an effective Business Analyst.

  1. Lack of proper engagement of stakeholders: Business analysts must try to understand the stakeholders need and help them out in finding a solution.  He must use techniques to implement new ideas while finding solution to the problem of stakeholder.
  2. Too much dependency on templates: A template shows the types of requirements and final product to be produced. Templates are very generic so it does recognize the actual need of the project.  A template must have focus on the project. A requirement management tool helps in creating such a specific template.
  3. Make a lot of changes simultaneously: During Business analysis process there may be lot of improvements at one time so one must focus on incremental changes, find new tools and make the project successful with the help of adjustments.
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    Some changes must be discarded after proper analysis.

  4. The BA must be an effective leader, rather than being a dictator. Mentoring is important rather than bossing around. Business Analysts must be excellent mentors.
  5. Goals and objectives are not well defined.

    The objectives must align with the organizational needs and requirement. These goals must be well defined so that the BA works on the same. BA must use proper tools and techniques to ensure these goals are met.

To conclude the critical success of an organization depends on best practices, effective methods to achieve the goals, use of new tools and techniques, operational support and accountability for the outcomes of the various business projects. The key focus must be on continuous improvement in the processes. Hence the Business analyst must avoid the above mistake to ensure effective analysis.

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