What is the Scope of a Career as a Business Analyst in India?

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Business analysis has become essential for the growth and rapid development of industries. Business Analysis is the process of understanding the business requirements and designing the appropriate solutions to a specific business issue.  In order to speed up the decision-making procedure from data collected in the past organizations are investing heavily in big data analytics. To accomplish this task, big data experts gather data from numerous resources and divide them into small portions for correct handling. The numerous data resources either may be connected or differ entirely from each other. Thus, the business analyst has to choose the best resources to provide a particular result in the end.

In the present growing market situation, the role of a Business analyst offers excellent value to an organization; a business analyst is a generalist who is proficient in functioning completely in different positions. Now, outsourcing has become major support in our global economy. Big firms reduce their operation costs by looking out for the same work quality at lower prices. Outsourcing helps to create a distance between the business investors and the programmer. Establishing the requirement for higher quality and more exact analysis, including document creation and functional specifications has increased. Thus, the demand of business analyst is also increased in our information economy. Also, in a competitive economic background, business organizations are struggling to enhance their business processes and reduce costs, business analysts are at the center of most of these initiatives. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for business analysts in India and therefore the business analyst jobs are ranging from business architect, business systems analyst, and enterprise analyst to product owner, product manager, and requirements engineer. This post presents the various features rotating around Business analyst jobs in India with the scope, career path, and salary.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst:

Business analyst jobs in India expect individuals to attempt and support decision-making with real-time analysis. They have to work intently with the upper administration and provide help in the form of data-driven bits of knowledge. The whole procedure lays an incredible effect directly from product development to marketing and after-sales as well. Following are the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst:

1. The BA works with the business to recognize the opportunities so that the business operation and processes get improved.

2. The Business Analyst is also involved in the designing and modification of the business system.

3. Their primary role is to gather, document, and analyze various business requirements.

4. They also involved in solving business problems as required and also designs technical solutions.

5. They also provide their support to test the system and produce the system documentation and user manuals.

6. They are also responsible for documenting functional and technical designs of business systems.

7. To make sure that the system is implemented correctly, they have to interact with the system architects and developers.

8. The Business analyst also works together with the stakeholders and subject matter expert to understand their problems and needs.

Business Analyst Career Path: Business analyst has to perform various roles and responsibilities. From being experienced communicator in examining data and even treating technical and project management skills, the business analyst have much-varied responsibilities. The future career path for a business analyst has not well-defined, due to the varied set of opportunities that exist for an experienced Business Analyst. Let’s explore the business analyst career path:

1. Be a Career Business Analyst: Basically, a person can become an expert Business Analyst. This is because the job contains a hugely specialized skill set, which can be applied to any of the industry and any of the area successfully. This enables a BA to transfer between industries, company or in a subject matter area in a natural way which becomes their career development and focus of professional development. Once you gain experience as a Business Analyst, you can make the transition between industries smoothly. The business analyst can also implement diverse activities at several levels of the organization- right from the enterprise level analysis of the detailed system requirements. This career path is suitable for those business analysts who like the current project environment and the need for solving complicated business issues.

2. Business analyst manager: Well, it is a good career option for an experienced Business Analyst who likes to manage a team and would also like to provide leadership to a team. This is a good team-based role and can ascend in the career growth. This role is suitable for those business analysts who like to enjoy a diverse role in resource planning, handling people with line management activities.

3. Project Manager: This role is the most common for Business Analysts because they are aware of this role. They frequently have a functioning example, in the form of a project manager to learn daily. However, the position of a project manager requires a diverse set of skills and the effort is entirely different from that of business analysis. It is a good career option if the business analyst would like to change the directions and skills completely. This option is a very satisfying and highly rewarding career path and a traditional route in which many BA wants to move.

4. Relationship Manager: This role is all about speaking, understanding, influencing, and discussing with individuals. Business analyst should be able to develop robust stakeholder connections all through their roles. With this competency, the relationship manager is the perfect career path for a Business Analyst, who wants to grow their career into another specialization and progress and improve their profession at the next level.

5. Business Analysis Competency Manager: This is another business analyst career option for those who want to play a role in starting this rising profession within the organizations. This career option mainly emphasizes the improvement of Business Analysis competencies to help the business analysis proficiency development within the organization. This career option is primarily suitable for those people who want to hold the theoretical and development aspects of Business Analysis instead of practical experience.

6. Business Architect: The other career option for a Business Analyst is Business Architect. This career path is suitable for the senior business analysts with a good understanding of the enterprise and the ability for observing the organization from a general perspective. In this role, the business analyst is intimately involved in the combination of informational requirements.

7. Subject Matter Expert: This is another career option for the business analyst. It is a delightful opportunity for a business analyst to become a subject matter expert. This career path is the role of being proficient in a particular domain, industry or subject matter area. It can be an exciting and stimulating career path for those people who are interested in a specific field and want to make their career in that area.

The scope of the Business Analyst in India: The scope of the business analyst profile is regularly growing in India and around the world. Today, it has turned out to be crucial for the more significant part of the association enlisting a big data expert for significant data insights. Investigating business analytics include a few things such as right business objectives, right technologies, the right resources, right business culture, and right top management commitment.

Business Analyst Salary in India: Business analysts can be termed as the most desirable job, having a remarkable combination of analytical and business abilities. Accordingly, the industry rewards business analysts with attractive salary packages. The Business analyst role provides a profitable salary that’s why it is one of the most desirable jobs for many professionals. For example, an average salary of a senior business analyst can range from INR 8 lakh to INR 9 lakh per annum, while a fresher can get the salary in the range of INR 4 lakh to INR 6 lakh per annum.


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Nowadays, every company wants to recruit well-qualified persons having high-end business analysis skills regardless of their structure, nature, or size. Most of the organizations are preferring business analysts who can effectively perform activities like designing solutions, robust project management, enhancing efficiency while reducing waste and documentation. Some of the prominent corporations are Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, TCS, and Wipro.

Popular Employer Salaries for Business Analyst, IT


The skills required to become a Business Analyst: A business analyst should possess the following skills:

  • They must have excellent communication skills.
  • They must have leadership skills and motivate others.
  • They should be able to work under pressure on multiple projects within specified deadlines.
  • They must be passionate to create technical solutions.
  • They should hold a positive attitude towards changes.
  • They should possess inspiring analytical skills.
  • They must be very profound in business and business development
  • They should have good knowledge of IT.

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The business analyst career can be an excellent career opportunity for those individuals who have an idea of evaluating and analyzing data, developing solutions, handling numerous individuals while shining at IT. There is a great career opportunity for business analysts in India. Sound knowledge of domain area and understanding of analytical tools and experience in database management can lead to a promising career in Business analysis. Business analyst professionals are required everywhere, from leading financial institutions to consultancies like Deloitte, E&Y, Walmart and online leader Amazon. Once a Business analyst has become an expert in his field, he can later enhance his career. Business Analysts have lots of alternatives to progress in their future career path, as there are excellent career opportunities available.

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