Pros and Cons of Data Science As A Career Option

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Pros and Cons of Data Science As A Career Option

Data Science has been a cutting edge innovation that everyone seems to talk about. Hailed as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, Data Science is a buzzword with really few individuals learning about the technology in its true sense. While many wish to become to be Data Scientists, it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of Data Science and have a real image of this domain. In this post, we will review these points carefully and provide you with the necessary insights about Data Science

advantage and disadvantages of data science

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is the study of data. It has to do with drawing, exploring, visualising, managing and storing data to draw meaningful insights. These insights help the firms to make powerful data-driven decisions. Data Science requires the usage of both structured and unstructured information. It is a multidisciplinary field that has its roots in stats, mathematics and computer science. It is one of the most sought after work as a result of the abundance of data and a rewarding pay-scale. Now let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of Data Science.

Advantages and disadvantages of Data Science

The field of Data Science is massive and has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So, here we will gauge the advantages and disadvantages of Data Science. This article will help you to examine on your own and take the best program in the field of Data Science.

Advantages of Data Science

The various benefits of Data Science are as follows:

1. It’s in Demand

Data Science is substantially popular. Prospective job seekers have numerous opportunities. It is the fastest-growing job on Linkedin and is anticipated to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. This makes Data Science a highly employable work field job sector.

2. Abundance of Positions

There are very few who have the required skill-set to come to be a complete Information Scientist. This makes Data Science less saturated as compared to other IT fields. Consequently, Data Science is a vast field and has abundant job opportunities. The field of Data Science is high in demand however reduced in the supply of Data Scientists.

3. A Highly Paid Job

Data Science is one of the extremely paid jobs. According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make approximately $116,100 annually. This makes Data Science is a rewarding career choice.

4. Data Science is Versatile

There are numerous applications of Data Science. It is commonly used in health-care, banking,  consultancy services, and eCommerce sectors. Data Science is an extremely functional field. Therefore, you will have the chance to work in various fields.

5. Data Science Makes Data Better

Companies require skilled Data Scientists to process and analyse their information. They not only examine the information they also boost their quality. Consequently, Data Scientists manages to enhance data and making it better for the business.

6. Data Scientists are Highly Regarded

Data Scientists enables firms to make smarter business decisions. Firms depend on Data Scientists and use their experience to give better results to their clients. This provides Data Scientists with a crucial place in the business.

7. Say Goodbye To Boring Tasks

Data Science has helped various markets to automate redundant jobs. Companies are making use of historic data to train machines to perform repetitive jobs. This has streamlined the laborious work undertaken by people before.

8. Data Science Makes Products Smarter

Data Science entails the use of Machine Learning which has allowed industries to develop better items customized particularly for customer experiences. As an example, Referral Systems used by eCommerce web sites give personalized insights to users based on their purchase history. This has enabled computers to recognize human-behavior and make data-driven decisions.

9. Data Science can Save Lives

Healthcare sector has been significantly improved due to Data Science. With the introduction of Machine Learning, it has been easier to find early-stage tumours. Also, lots of other health-care industries are utilizing Data Science to aid their clients.

10. Data science Make You A Better Person

Data Science will not only give you a lucrative career it will also help you in personal development. You will develop a problem-solving mindset. Since numerous Data Science jobs bridge IT and Administration, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Disadvantages of Data Science

While Data Science is a really rewarding career option, there are also drawbacks to this field. To understand the complete image of Data Science, we should also understand the limitations of Data Science. A few of them are as follows:

1. Data Science is Blurry Term

Data Science is a basic term and does not have a definite interpretation. While it has become a buzzword, it is extremely hard to list the exact definition of a Data Scientist. Their responsibilities depend on the area that the company operates. While some individuals have explained Data Science to be the 4th paradigm of Scientific research, a couple of critics have called it a rebranding of Statistics.

2. Mastering Data Science is near to difficult

Being a mixture of numerous areas, Data Science \ originates from Statistics, Computer Technology and Math. It is far from feasible to understand each field and be equivalently experienced in all of them. While lots of on-line training courses have been trying to fill the skill-gap that the Data Science market is facing, it is still not possible to be skilled at it considering the enormity of the field. An individual with a history in Statistics may not be able to understand Computer Science on short notice to become a proficient Data Scientist. For that reason, it is an ever-changing, dynamic area that requires the person to keep discovering the different methods of Data Science 

3. Large Quantity of Domain Knowledge Required

An additional downside to Data Science is its reliance on Domain Knowledge. A person with a significant history in Stats and Computer Science will discover it challenging to learn Data Science trouble without its background understanding. The same applies to its vice-versa. For instance, A health-care company working on the evaluation of genomic sequences will certainly need suitable employees with some understanding of genetics and molecular biology. This enables Data Scientists to make computed choices to help the firm. However, it becomes hard for a Data Scientist from a different background to acquire specific domain knowledge. This also makes it hard to migrate from one sector to another.

4. Arbitrary Information May Yield Unforeseen Results

A Data Scientist assesses the data and made thoughtful predictions to promote the decision-making process. A lot of times, the data offered is arbitrary and does not contribute to the expected results. This can also fail as a result of weak management and poor use of resources.

5. The trouble of Data Privacy

For lots of industries, data is their fuel. Data Scientists help firms make data-driven decisions. However, data used in the process might breach the privacy of customers. The individual data of clients are visible to the parent company and might at times trigger day leaks due to lapse in security. The actual concern about the conservation of data-privacy and its usage has been an issue for many industries.


After evaluating the pros and cons of the Data Science field we can get the complete image of this area. While Data Science is a field with several rewarding advantages, it also has a few drawbacks just like any other blooming field. Being a less-saturated, high paying sector that has revolutionized the various walks of life, it also has its backgrounds when thinking about the enormity of the field and its cross-disciplinary nature. Data Science is an ever-evolving field, it will take years to obtain proficiency. Ultimately, it depends on you to determine whether the pros of Data Science inspire you to take this up as your career or the cons that aid you make a mindful decision!

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