Importance of Quality Assurance

Introduced in world war II, Quality Assurance is one of the most important aspects of a company because quality assurance gives the confidence to consumers to buy any product, it is also the foundation to any company’s growth.

Quality Assurance is essential not only for gaining customer confidence over the product but also to avoid problems from happening while delivering solutions or service. Quality assurance is majorly practiced in software development, medical  and multiple consultancy. Various companies have a separate unit for quality assurance so correction can be made at a minor level itself.

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Quality Assurance is a systematic process and it goes through various phase let us see a few of them:

  1. Quality Assurance goes through a cycle called the Shewhart Cycle. The first stage of this cycle is plan, where all the planning is done to how the desired goal has to be achieved. Then comes into action, next is stage where the plan is incorporated. The production begins. The third stage is the check, where the product goes through various tests and verification. The last stage is the act, state where changes are implemented and necessary corrections are made to rectify the mistakes that are committed.
  2. Defining quality. The quality for the product is defined in such a way that it is ensured that the product meets the standard of a certain quality. Not only does the company need to define the standard but also make sure these standards are thoroughly understood by the employees of the company, otherwise quality assurance is compromised.
  3. After defining quality the next step to be taken is measuring it, measuring the quality is done by a higher supervision. A supervisor should always check the work of an employee and should make corrections when needed.When quality falls short, supervisors are responsible for bridging the gap.
  4. Improvisation leads to quality assurance only when there is improvement in the quality of the product. For example, If any application developer updates their software frequently to enhance the quality of the application software every product has to be tweaked in order to meet the requirements of the customer’s satisfaction and demand.
  5. Quality control is similar to Quality Assurance but not identical. Quality Assurance is the confidence given to the customer whereas quality control is the actual observation techniques used to check and control the entire quality process and to ensure that the quality assurance standards are met. Quality control are a set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality standards.
  6. Final step for quality assurance is the troubleshooting, every problem or every correction that is made is noted down, so it is useful in the future. Only quality assurance leads to higher growth of the company.
  7. The feedback step is very necessary step that every company takes to improve the quality of any service or product only after the feedback is received from the customer side does the company develops its services

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