Role of a tester in requirement engineering

Category: General Posted:Apr 20, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

QA Testing TrainingRequirements are used by testers as the basis of the testing process, test cases, review for testing, and participate in requirement gathering. Quality Assurance training helps the tester understand his role. But many testers lack in requirement gathering in case of testing process. So what is expected from a tester in requirement gathering? What is testability? How can testers improve this process? There are five critical factors for requirements engineering:

       1.Attributes of Requirements

Requirements are very important are not mere sentence. Consider documenting aim, importance, type, use case etc. It helps to capture an attribute about the given requirements.

  1. Requirements acceptance criteria

This is also known as the fit criteria and it helps to define the requirement. The solution can satisfy the requirement. It makes the requirement measurable. Thus we must have concrete acceptance criteria to write about the requirements

  1. Requirements rules

The topic on requirement is endless, we need to have a concrete and usable requirements. The requirement must be:

  • Unambiguous to have a clear readership.
  • Have Priority indication.
  • Must have rationale to explain the reason for the given requirement
  • Must be broken in elementary form.


  1. Requirements templates

The whole idea of testing is that instead of reinventing something it’s better to use the template available for the same. By using templates we have consistency, standards and higher level of clarity and unambiguous. Many testers use the templates to have a checklist of the requirements.

  1. Requirements reviews

Mostly reviews are the best method to evaluate the quality assurance process. It helps to find out the defects in the process. So start with the objectives and prepare the reviews to match the testing objectives.

The tester must have effective skills in these five areas to achieve efficient quality assurance process. Hence knowledge about these five factors is critical in requirement gathering phase by the tester.To view the details of ZaranTech QA Training you may visit the website Call 515-309-2128 or email [email protected]





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