Best Practices for software quality assurance

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High costs have always been a problem for not only the software customers but also the developers. Low quality and high costs have always been a problem for companies that manufacture and purchase the software product. There are certain best practices that involve QA testing for a software product:

  1. Process: In order to achieve software quality one must ensure that the process is robust and experts certified.
  2. Experience: one must deploy resources that have experience in testing and dealing with the software product. This shall help understanding the product
  3. Deliverable must be well defined such as testing plan and cases.
  4. Tools must be used to track defects and find solutions for the test cases generated. With the process attaining maturity the test cases may require specialized tools.
  5. Metrics must be developed to track the improvements in the existing versions of the software product.
  6. Environment for testing shall increase the value of testing and maturity of the testing process.
  7. Test data availability helps to execute test cases and ensures testing environment is maintained.
  8. Developer awareness leads to track changes and configurations and add value for their daily activities.

Hence software quality assurance has become the major study area and these best practices can ensure that the process is on track and can provide testing an effective value. These testing practices help the developer to test the solution and the product effectively. SO test effectively a test case one must ensure these parameters must be followed. The tester must ensure all the requirements are met as per the customer requirements and must ensure that the testing is done on time within budget. Testing is an important phase of software development life cycle. The software must be defect and bug free.

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