Career Prospects with PMP for Non-Project Managers

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Career Prospects with PMP for Non - Project Manager

Nowadays, the Project Management Profession (PMP) becomes the most inspiring task for the professionals. If you are willing to do something groundbreaking, then choosing this profession will be an ideal decision. Due to the market demand of this profession, it is now considered as the one among the most acceptable careers. Especially freshers, those who just finished their studies are showing more interest in grabbing these opportunities; since they like to explore their career in most lucrative and challenging way.  If you are interested in the project management, you can start your career in any kind of field; since, project management is something that is required for all kinds of industry sectors.

If you are searching for the job availabilities of project management in the various industry sectors, you have reached the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the career a prospect of PMPs. Surprisingly, there is the multitude of career opportunities in the project management skills in top industry sectors including Information Technology, Banking, Construction, Information Technology-enabled Services and much more. The decision is up to the candidates to choose any of these areas based on their choice.

Prominence of Project Management for Industries

Prominence of Project Management for Industries

Project management is nothing but an act of managing the projects and its deliverable with an aim to offer complete services or products. Each organization follows different ways to carry out their projects. Hence, there is no particular structure for the project management. The way the company used to execute their projects is said to be project management.

Though there are different modules in the project management based on the practice of the organization, there are some common things included in the project management. They are as follows:

  • Identifying requirement
  • Determining clear as well as achievable objectives
  • Taking proper actions to balance competing demands
  • Guaranteeing that the expected result is achieved

Concerning above activities, it is very clear that if there were no scientific strategy to handle the projects of the organization, they would find themselves hard to achieve in the organizational development. Also, they would be uncomfortable in overcoming the innumerable challenges, which the modern technology trends throw at them.

Here are some of the important reasons why companies considering project management seriously:

Without a scientific and structured approach to the action of handling projects and accomplishing purposes, it would be hard for the enterprises to effectively execute their projects within the limitations of scope, time and quality. Hence, it is essential to have a defined and clear framework for the actions to make sure that it is possible to deliver the expected result.

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Project management in an organization is the art of creating a structure as well as handling the project pledges. This is the main reason organization is searching for the right candidates who can achieve greater control over their project atmosphere and guarantees that the deliverables are being handled successfully.

Essentials of Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

Essentials of Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers

It is common for the professionals asked to finish projects in their regular work environment regardless of whether they have a necessary skill-set and formal training as like the project managers to manage and streamline the projects in a more structured manner. Leaders and knowledge workers unexpectedly slipped into the position of the project manager.

Of course, even a layperson can be aware that project management is the process and discipline of end-to-end handling tasks within the project life cycle. The project life cycle includes activities like

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Resource Managing
  • Budgeting
  • Keeping the morale among the project team

Also, a complicated thing involved here is that all of the above activities need to be carried out simultaneously to achieve the objectives of the project on time and specified quality. It is also essential to ensure the quality as well as a performance with the strategic determination of the organization.  In addition to the accountable factors like closure and delivery of the project, the success of a project also depends on the way in which the project was executed.

Hence the non-project managers those who don’t have proper experience in the project management need to have the proper training to be familiar with tools as well as the techniques required to efficiently manage, lead, execute and analyze projects in their day-to-day operations.

Generally, the non-project managers lack the following qualities:

  • Time management
  • Persuasion skills
  • Formal process or project training
  • Scope creep

The lack of the above qualities increases the possibility of project disappointment costing companies money, time and employee morale. Hence, managing project without proper skill will lead to discoursing and frustrating. If you are planning to build a systematic approach to handling your projects, it is essential to possesses project management skills. PMP certification is the best option to simplify your project management process.

Without the proper project management skills, organizations and managers would determine themselves facing a chaotic and unpredictable environment over which they’ve little control. Hence, project management certification is both essential and necessary for the victory of the project.

Job Opportunities with PMP Certification for Non-Project Managers

Experts had predicted that there would be around 15.7 million project management jobs by the year 2020.  A gigantic 37 percent raise in the result of project-exhaustive industries like Finance, Manufacturing, IT, Construction and ONG.

Certified PMPs can be paid up to the average pay of $109,405. The common questions that most of the professions arise are “Will, PMP certification supports to have a well-paid job?” Today, having certification in PMP is seen as a massive benefit by recruiters and candidates. An increasing number of aspirants have started to enroll for PMP certification courses evidence that they understand the immense value of these certifications and the recruiters would prefer their candidature when compared to non-certified professionals.

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PMP is one among the best certifications to acquire regardless of the industry and professional background of the candidates. PMP continues to be popular among professionals since it remains as the role that offers a high salary. Regardless of gender, women who are having the PMP certification earn more than women who are certified in other fields.

The approach used to manage projects requires constant change; hence, a company, which is building projects, will require standard and formal project management approaches to be applied. In addition to these, abundant of projects regardless of small or large is rising continuously. Because of these two reasons, the demands of these professionals will remain high in the job market for a long time.

Benefits of PMP to get an Amazing Job

1. Makes Your Resume More Impressive

Since the PMP certification is universally accepted, there are definite fundamentals that candidates must fulfill to acquire the certification. Achieving these fundamentals is something that is considered high regard by the employers since it requires effort, time and commitment. Hence, PMP certification will add an amazing value to the resume of candidates, who is having PMP certification and planning to start a career in the project management field. In addition, this certification also brings the career of the candidates who are already in the project management field and includes necessary experience track to the next range.

In an interview, the consulting manager of Key Consulting, Kevin Archbold, says that many recruiters filtered their applicants into two groups: one, which includes the resumes with the PMP certification stamp and another, which includes the resumes without it.

Most of the recruiters refer the PMP certification over the master’s degree.  Though master’s degree is a valuable thing to acquire, having certification evidence the recruiter that the candidate possesses proven experience and have been passed rigorous criteria. The PMP qualification provides training in handling projects in the industry with wide range exposure to industry projects. Because of this, most of the industries provide more weight to this certification than to others.

The following are some of the industries, which consider only the candidates who have foundational certifications:

  • Defense
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Financial Services

PMP Project managers have invested the notable amount of effort and time to attain PMP certification that means that they are eligible for project management commitment as a profession. Though you do not want to work as project manager for your entire lives, knowing the importance of this certification will bring you a step forward in your career. This proves that there are regulated opportunities out there these days for project management and it necessitates the PMP certification.

7 advantages of PMP certification for the much needed breakthrough

2. Earn Higher Salaries

Once a certified profession cleared the interview screen, there is a good opportunity since he will earn more than one would without certification. Based on the survey of thirty thousand project management professionals in 2011, it is found that PMP professionals in the US have received an average of $111, 824 as their annual salary whereas the project managers without the PMP certification were received $97,829 as their average compensation. Surprisingly, there is nearly $14,000 variation.

Salary Survey of Projet Management Institute

Source: Salary Survey of Project Management Institute, 7th Edition

The above table illustrates the annual salary of project management professionals. In addition, project management professionals with the certification also feel secure and comfortable in their earning capability. A study states that the 76% of the professionals with certification expected their compensation to rise in the next year, while only 2% expected it to reduction. This remains as evidence that PMP certification can be enough to enhance the salary range. Some professionals find that their salary was doubled immediately after they completed the PMP training course.

  1. Supports to Learn a Common Language

PMP certification not only improves the salary and job prospects, the PMP training teaches the candidates to speak a common language, which vibrates with executives and co-working project managers. Before training, candidates might find difficult to articulate some essential factors of the project charter.

The following are the most important project charter aspects:

  • Project goal
  • Resource required (including material, human and financial)
  • Project assumptions
  • Risks and constraints

Acquiring an understanding of a project management framework offers the candidates the chance to communicate with and speak with vendors as well as clients on a range of playing fields. PMP remains as a common language, and it can reduce the requirement for an explanation when conversing.  PMP training supports to achieve proficiency in the common standard language used in project management.

Some professionals think that it is possible to have these best practices and skills without formal training. There is something to state for the standardization, which formal training brings. Candidates will be operative at their jobs and can understand why aspects are done in a definite way if they completed formal training. Sometimes, project managers will require working with certified professionals who happen to use certain terms in a particular way, hence it is helpful to understand their conversation.

  1. Networking Chances

The candidates required to become a PMI member if they want to enroll PMP certification. This, in turn, announces the candidates to the PMP certified world. Based on the PMI’s Annual report of 2013, there were around 628,363-Project Management Institute spread around the world, and the membership amount continues to raise every year. The Project Management Institute hosts meeting often in the major metropolitan regions, where members of PMI assembles to learn more details regarding the project management concept and network.

  1. Experience Brings to the Next Level

As discussed earlier, the PMP certification requires the candidates to meet a certain set of fundamentals that are apprehended in high approval by the recruiters. To complete the certification successfully, candidates require having a high range of experience. The eligibility criteria for this exam include that the candidates should have an associate degree and a minimum of five years of experience.  The certification includes a rigorous audit process to guarantee that the candidates are truthful about their scenarios. Hence, then resume with a certification stamp ensure the employers that the candidate has put their entire effort to accomplish this certification and he has notable work experience. This proves that your certification will convey the essential things that you’ve attached.

Essential Facts about PMP Certification

Certification Information

The main reason why the PMP certification is most valuable is that PMI (Project Management Institute) issues this certification. PMI includes severe criteria and tough procedures to pass this certification.

Wondering how to seek PMP Certification? 

Two groups of people are eligible to pursue PMP certification:

  1. The first group includes the candidates who have completed college degrees. Aspirants of this group must possess 4500 hours of non-overlapping, continuous experience in project management for 36 successive months within the previous 5 years.
  2. The second group includes the project managers who haven’t finished college. Professionals belongs to this group must possess 7500 hours of non-overlapping, continuous experience in project management for successive 5 years over a 8 year period.

Both of these groups must show that they comprise 35 hours of training in project management within the previous 10 years. The project managers who are eligible to meet either group must submit an eligible application with the Project Management Institute. Once the Project Management Institute analyzes the application and identifies whether that candidate is eligible for the exam. Then they release the eligibility letter to the candidates. It is essential to mention that this certification exam is a tough one.

Once the candidates become certified professionals, the advantages are countless to both the employer and employee. Employees are assured with high salaries, better job prospects, and job promotions. Recruiters ensure that they have recruited project managers who possess a core potential in project management as well as vital experience to function as a project manager. Researchers have evidence that the project handled by professionals who haven’t certified project managers comprise only a 25 percent possibility of success. On the other hand, projects handled by the professional who possesses knowledge in tools and techniques of project management comprise a 75 percent success rate.

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The practice of project management has become unavoidable to the project managers in the modern industry.  They are responsible for forming the fundamentals of what is attained in the course of the project lifecycle. PMP certification is becoming vital in most of the industries. Since, it serves as the long-term career investment.

If you have any query regarding PMP training and certification, Please mention them in the comment section.

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