Growing Career Opportunities for Project Management Professionals in various Industries


Projects play a vital role in a company’s growth. The increasing number of projects in various industries has led to the shortage of skills in the current labour pool. This has given a rise for the necessity of filling the skill gap, for efficient management of projects. For this, the companies are in need of Project Management Professionals or PMPs.

Project management is a skill, and it has to be acquired through a structured learning program. The Project Management Institute or PMI offers PMP Certification, which gives an ability to the prospective Project managers, to efficiently meet the strategic requirements of projects and confidently face the employers of various industries across the globe.

Information Technology

From the last decade, Information technology has opened up several job opportunities. In the United States, IT generates the highest number of jobs, as compared to any other industry, according to an IT Research Firm, IDC. Bigger IT companies in the USA, are taking over the smaller ones, thus expanding their business and operations. The expansion in operations has led an outsourcing, to the emerging markets in Asia. This has resulted in the hiring of resources from various cultural backgrounds. As a result, the IT companies are in need of Project managers, who have a standardized set of skills for managing a team and carrying out projects successfully.

Oil and Energy

Recent discoveries in the field of oil, gases and energy have opened up several career opportunities for Project managers. The discovery of new oil fields and advanced fossil fuel extraction technology has given rise to several projects. For example, recent discovery of an inactive oil field, off the coast of Brazil, and energy fields in the North Sea region of Europe, has a good potential for becoming the biggest oil producers. However, Brazil and European countries are facing a shortage of skill, including project management skills in the current work force. The gap is getting bridged through the hiring of people with good project management skills.


Improved healthcare at lower cost is giving rise to a tough competition in the healthcare industry. In the US, Patient Protection and Affordable Care is very crucial for private insurance companies. Thus, by 2017, there will be a huge generation of healthcare projects, which will in turn generate a revenue of USD$23 billion, according to CIO insights. In addition, healthcare sector is making a shift towards having digital records, thus resulting in the use of mobile devices, social media and data analytics. Henceforth, there will be a huge requirement for Project managers with IT skills in the healthcare industry.


Defence companies have been operating very efficiently with less number of staffs and complex regulations. This requires a strategic vision, for identifying key projects and then driving them towards achieving strategic goals. Such a competitive environment is creating a need for Project management Professionals, for streamlining the movement of US Air Force equipment, supplies and staffs around the globe.


From the past decade, Global construction market has seen a tremendous growth. By 2025, the construction industry is predicted to grow more than 70 percent and the major growth will be concentrated in three countries, namely China, United States and India, according to PwC Survey. The project management as a profession, is not as grown in Asia, as it is seen in developed countries. India, which is getting overpopulated, is facing an issue with regard to the infrastructure to suffice the growth. This issue has created a need for more than 1 million skilled Project managers for managing infrastructure projects, requiring compliance with complex regulations.


The increasing accounting scandals have resulted in the increase of complex compliance projects for financial institutions. Many of these organizations are now ready for a stringent auditing process, for focusing on their growth. This has given a rise to the necessity of bridging the talent gap. More than half of all the financial institutions’ CEOs are experiencing a shortage of key skills in the available workforce, which has led to a threat to their growth, according to a global PwC survey. Finance jobs in risk management now require candidates to have a degree in finance, along with certifications and skills in project management.

The PMP certification offered by PMI is a program, which does not focus on one industry or domain, unlike most of other certifications does. It focusses purely on the development of project management skill, a niche skill, which can be applied to the success of any project across various industries and domains.

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Overview of SAP HANA

what-is-sap-hanaWhat is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a data platform with in-built memory marketed by SAP SE. SAP HANA is deployable in the cloud. It is a progressive platform that is most suitable for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications. SAP HANA is an evolution in the field of database, which has happened over a period of more than 30 years, with constant enhancements, research and development. It supports the build of those applications, which are not supported by any regular RDBMS. It also helps renewal of existing applications like SAP Business Suite.

Why did SAP build a database?

With traditional data processing and ordinary database and application platform, when the large or complex data was getting too difficult to manage challenges such as analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy emerged.

Believing that if a database is built with a zero response time, then the business applications would be written in a unique manner so that the IT landscapes can be simplified, SAP built a database.

SAP has been providing business applications for years. It was clear that none of the incumbent software vendors like Oracle would write such a database and application platform. That is when they decided to build their own. When SAP went to build HANA, they also realized that the next generation of business applications would require a much more integrated approach than in the past.

What makes SAP HANA different from other Database Management System (DBMS)?

SAP HANA is different by design. It stores all data in-memory, in columnar format and in a compressed manner. Because HANA is fast, and does not require sums, indexes, materialized views and aggregates, it reduces the database footprint by 95%. Everything is calculated on-demand, as and when needed, in the main memory.  This makes it possible for companies run OLTP and analytic applications on the same instance at the same time, thus allowing any type of real-time and adhoc queries.

Advantages of SAP HANA

Works well with data of all sizes: Being exclusively build for complex business applications, HANA deploys data of all sizes and whilst they vary, there are a few common themes as well.

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): In many cases, HANA has a lower TCO. Hardware renewal costs get reduced, eases valuable enterprise storage and mainframes, and the maintenance is also low.

Complex to simple:  HANA simplifies landscapes by using the same copy of dataset for multiple applications, and adding additional dataset to SAP HANA is quick and easy, delivering business benefits faster.

Differentiation: The combination of HANA’s performance, advanced analytics (Predictive, Geospatial, and Text analytics) and simplicity, offer companies for changing their business process for making it stand out from that of the competitors. Customer-oriented programs like loyalty management and personalized recommendations become easy with SAP HANA.

Risk Mitigation: Many customers know how in-memory technologies are changing the world. So they want to put an application like SAP BW on HANA or LOB Datamart as a first step, so that they can quickly take an action for meeting the business demands.

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Worthwhile Inputs for preparing for the Informatica Certification


Informatica in PowerCenter space offers two different certification courses. One for the Developers and the other one for the Admin.

Part 1: The Syllabus and the Materials that cover the Syllabus

The Certification aims at providing you with good insights on PowerCenter Installation, Configuration, Transformations, and proven best practices in Project Implementation. This Certificate prepares you to successfully use Informatica to import sources, targets, and lookups, for creating slowly changing dimension mappings as best practices, and to create reusable transformations and Mapplets. You will also need to show your ability to execute reusability through shortcuts, for successfully using the debugger to debug a mapping either with or without a prebuilt session, flow of work, incorporation and supervision of the session.

When you are attempting the test, you will be tested on the following parameters:

  • Mapping Design Basic
  • Mapping Design Advanced
  • Parameters and Variables
  • Transformation Language
  • Troubleshooting
  • Workflows and Worklets
  • Architecture & Administration

The skills and knowledge, which will be scaled during this exam include execution of project based on the core product functionality. The course includes training materials, support documentation, and practical hands on.

Part 2: Pre-requisite for taking up the course

In order to make the most out of the course, to the best of your knowledge, skills, and ability, the following pre-requisites, which are also the courses on Informatica, needs to be completed.  

  • Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 1.
  • Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Developer Level 2.

Part 3: The Informatica Certified Professional Program

In order to harness the knowledge, skills, and capabilities you already possess, for taking up data integration and data quality projects, you will need to update the certification, on a timely basis. Only then you will be realizing the return on your investment towards the certification, in a faster and a better manner. Also, it will help you to stand out in the cutthroat competitive crowd in the job market.

Levels of Certification

The Informatica Professional Certification Program requires completion of three levels of certification, which includes,

  1. Specialist
  2. Expert
  3. Master

A candidate shall get certified based on his/her knowledge about the product, experience in the respective field, and ability to follow the best practices for velocity implementation methodology. Completion of test and getting certified as the Informatica Professional provides enormous benefits to the candidate. It is a proctored, cost effective, lab-based exam that can be taken anywhere and anytime.

In summary

  • The test comprises of 70 multiple choice/multiple response/true-false based questions.
  • The questions are thrown on 7 broad topics of Informatica PowerCenter product.
  • The minimum requirement to get certified as Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 9.X: Developer of Specialist status is 70%.

The following are the broad topics of Informatica Power Center Product, on which the questions will be asked. The table also shows the weight age for each of the broad topics covered in the exam.


The main point to be noted is, there is no alternate for practical hands on experience, and thus, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly get used to different transformations and concepts on the PowerCenter tools.

Setting the complete introduction aside, let us now straight away look into the actual topic.

The main question which arises in a candidate’s mind is which are the materials I should be referring to are and what are the topics which I have to prepare?

Part 4: The reading materials that need to be downloaded

The product guides, which come along with the product installation package is the primary source of reading material.

The access to this site can be got if you own an email ID of a corporation, which is an official partner of Informatica.

If you are unable to get access, then, you may try looking out for pdf files separately on Google for download from their links as displayed by the Google. The links will be only from the Informatica Community website. Any 9.x.x version guide will be sufficient for a thorough preparation.

 The following are the 7 guides, which are mandatory for preparation:


If you do not have access to Informatica portal, or if you are not in a position to get an access, then, see that you search for them on Google and download them separately.

Part 5:-Which are the required chapters to study?

Vowing to the reason that the syllabus is vast, and it is highly difficult for you to be thorough on every topic equally, for your convenience, the following tables’ throw insights on the weight age for each topic from the syllabus. It also includes the chapters from the guides that you are required to study.

Mapping Design Basics: – 45%


Mapping Design Advanced: – 20%


Others: – 35%


The aforesaid ones are the actual reading materials and chapters that need to be covered in your study, in order to pass the test and obtain the Certification.

Hope we have done a good job in giving you enough information, for helping you become a Pro in Informatica in PowerCenter.

For further details on the fee for the exam and scheduling an appointment for the exam, you may visit here.


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7 advantages of PMP certification for the much needed breakthrough

More than 80% of high performing projects are directed by PMP professionals

450 k Management consultants in the world are PMP certified. The difference they have garnered in their growth has stapled for the unquestionable PMP significance. It is tough, expensive and extracts the most out of your management understanding.

You are surely a step ahead of the league if pursuing PMP Certification is on your plans. Be prepared to seek the following advantages once you sail through the excruciating examination.

Brings in Great work opportunities

Not just any other certification program, sailing through PMP is tough and thus the rising expectations. As a PMP professional, you can expect challenging yet interesting job roles that are beyond the skills of a regular manager. This helps you take up lead roles and implement your personalized approach at resolving gaps. The PMP certificate attests your ability to resolve critical issues with no major aftermaths.

PMP Certification

It is accepted worldwide

Eliminating all instabilities, PMP has a global influence, sometimes more than your post graduate degree. Covering all industries such as Technology, Finance, Research, Telecom, Production etc, PMP lets you access opportunities in different countries. It staples you as a recognized Project Management professional.

Pitches for attractive salary hike

Greater job roles convert to higher salaries! While the motive of pursuing courses boils to more money, PMP professionals have successfully earned 15% higher increments than their competitors. As a PMP professional, you can ask for significant salary hike against tougher outputs expected out of you. Not everybody clears PMP and thus not everybody gets such perks.

Encourages better management skills

Evaluation lays the foundation for management roles. PMP learning will put you through the most challenging cases where immediate resource requirement versus available manpower gave nightmares. As a PMP professional, you become wiser in mapping skills and eradicate the gaps. Better evaluation converts to reliable workforce and thus the optimal performance.

Works in Professional Networking

PMP Certification plus penchant with social networking lets you access the finest professionals in the industry. If you are active with community forums, experienced PMP certificate holders will share their valuable stint post certification. This works as a significant add-on to your qualification. Also, easier access to the best opportunities gets rolling.

Attests your commitment towards the role

PMP certification is an expensive affair and requires numerous pre-requisites to be eligible. Thus, only with strong management experience and the passion for excelling on similar lines will pursue it. Believe it or not, but an attested commitment that you don’t have plans to switch roles or retire is a great value added to your profile. Enterprises want people with indefinite commitment and PMP validates it all.

Hones your skills like no one else

PMP teaches you what your years of project management couldn’t. Thus, your PMP learning begins where most people retire. Beyond your understanding of supervising a project, PMP walks you through 5 stages of – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Closing. With a deep focus on every stage, you get to challenge your inner self and think of more innovative ways. Ultimately, you are a better decision maker and highly valuable to people around.

All set for the course? Let a trusted course provider assist you with the appropriate steps.

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