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Why should I consider a career in Business Analyst profile?


One of the hugely anticipated profiles, Business Analysts are valued across industrial stretch and organizational capacities. A Business Analyst collaborates with everyone in the project and in some phases often acts as the central driving force such as in POCs, kick-off sessions and others.

A career in this profile can accentuate your all round progress, provided you learn at the right time from the right place. Here’s an overview of the influential benefits you could seek from Business Analyst as a career –

Varied work profile

Beyond just coding, man managing or taking calls, a Business Analyst has multiple roles to perform. Besides deep research, he has to negotiate with the client upon business requirements versus resource requirements. Add to it analyzing functional and technical requirements and mapping them with company’s skill set is a challenge. This captures more interest and adds value to performance.

Meet more people

Business Analysts liaise with people from diversified business verticals. Technology including project managers, Pre-Sales consultants, Clients, end users, Finance team, Delivery Heads, Directors etc from higher management. This comes as a lucrative opportunity to connect and explore more.

Interpersonal growth

Not everybody in the corporate sphere has apical communication skills. For most, it takes years to acquire it and pitch for higher roles. For Business Analysts, communication stays integral and practicing in routine makes them superlative presenters, mediators and great problem solvers.

Best of both worlds

Software engineer doesn’t understand the business dynamics and the sales guys don’t go well with deep technical specs. A business Analyst bridges the gap and brings them on the same page. In the pursuit, a BA has to go through rigorous self-learning, making him more adaptable to scenario changes. Such an exposure to multiple domains is a highlight in the profile. Another feather in the hat!

Fine remuneration

Everybody is underpaid in this world! The quote is unfit for a few including Business Analysts. Complementing the diversified skills expected from a BA, remuneration is hardly a constraint. A high performing Business Analyst earns more than a high performing project manager.

Huge demand

With startups gaining explosive momentum like never before, many job profiles including Business Analyst will benefit the most. Especially Information & Technology industry that is expanding rapidly has confirmed need of more professionals and trained beginners.

Looking for a BA course?

While this was just a high level take at the many benefits of BA as a career, it is imperative to follow an appropriate institute for pursuing relevant courses. Look out for one that has experienced trainers and well equipped with real-time project cases.

Finally, e-learning could be a reliable pick for pursuing the course. Check around and make a wise choice before plunging. Call 515-309-2128 or email

All you wanted to know about Apache Spark and Scala


Big Data is an accepted challenge across industries and has the geeks conceiving a variety of application solutions. Before the Hadoop hangover could escape, Apache Spark was pitched forward as a better Big Data processing framework. Some of the benefits of Sparks hint at faster processing, performing deeper analysis and the immense ease at implementing. 

While the dire need of Big Data consultants continues to rise, Spark promises a lucrative career. Just some food for Hadoop v Sparks arguments, here’s a quick insight.

The Spark ecosystem

The Spark ecosystem supports a list of expandable capabilities. A high-level view of the entire ecosystem includes the following main components –

Spark Streaming – This is the main component where data streaming and processing is executed. A series of RDD’s are used to efficiently process huge volumes of real-time data.

Spark SQL – The component allows executing SQL queries on Spark datasets to capture and visualize selective information. It supports different formats (such as JSON and Parquets) and exposes them for ad-hoc querying.

Spark MLlib – This is the Machine Language Learning library supporting different algorithms for a range of functions. Functions include Classifying, Regressing, Collaborative Filtering and Clustering of data.

Spark GraphX – This is the API that performs parallel computation for Graphs. The different significant operators used here are joinVertices, aggregate Messages and SubGraphs. To simplify analytics for Graphs, an extensive collection of Graph algorithms is also available.

The Role of Scala

The Spark framework supports a number of programming languages with Scala hailed as the best of them all. Purely Object Oriented, every operation in Scala is supported by a method call. Add to it the advanced component architectures supported through classes. Running on JVM, some features of Scala are –

  • Mixins – Interfaces especially for implementations
  • Supports Operator Overloading
  • Syntactic flexibility is high
  • Also offers the best of capabilities from Functional programming

Why Sparks?

Being an Open Source yet powerful processing engine, Sparks promises unmatched speed for interactive analytics. Already stamped as the next big thing near to Hadoop, some of the benefits of Sparks are –

  • Supports multiple programming environments including Java, Scala and Python
  • Highly Fault tolerant – Recovers lost data with no additional configuration needed
  • Can integrate well with existing Hadoop data; runs on Hadoop’s cluster manager
  • Supports real time superlative streaming of data

Should I learn Sparks or Hadoop?

The Hadoop v Sparks debate has the Big Data consultants penetrating deeper into the insights and have the answer. While both continue to grow and impress, Sparks is relatively new and offers more opportunities than Hadoop. It is faster, lighter and more accurate with end results.

Thus, pursuing a course with Apache Sparks can land you a lucrative career offer with minimum initial competition.

All set to learn Apache Sparks? Look out for a trusted institute that can help attain a strong foundation with the basics and master the subject.

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Top 10 Selenium interview questions to prepare


Besides approaching a reliable institution for pursuing the course, self-learning stays instrumental. Following are the top 10 questions widely asked in Selenium interviews.

Accurate, scalable and free, Selenium leads the plethora of effective QA tools for Software evaluation. While QA consultants have preferred switching from Manual to Automation testing, Selenium pitches a promising career. It requires an innate programming knack and adds value to the profile.

  1. Discuss some advantages of Selenium
    • Easily compatible with all Operating Systems – Windows, Linux, Mac OS
    • It is an Open Source, thus supports customization
    • Supports a variety of programming interfaces – Ruby, Perl, Python, C#, Java
    • Tremendous cost cutting as it is free
    • Supports distributed testing (must know about distributed testing)
  1. What are the different test types supported by Selenium?
    • For Web based applications – Functional & Regression test types
    • Post release Validation – Jenkins, Hudson, Quick Build, CruiseCont
  1. What are the different Selenium components?
    The Selenium package includes the following components –
    SIDE – Selenium Integrated Development Environment

    • Selenium Remote Control
    • Selenium Webdriver
    • Selenium Grid


  1. What do you mean by Assertion? What are the different Assertion types?
    Assertion acts as the ultimate verification point to confirm the state of the application achieved as expected.
    Different types are – ‘Assert’, ‘Verify’, and ‘WaitFor’.
  1. What are the benefits of using Xpath?
    Creating customized Xpath helps navigate through different attributes of a XML document. As a major element in XSLT, Xpath is supported by library of standard functions.
  1. What are the different types of Wait available in WebDriver?
    Two types of Wait are available –
    Implicit Wait – Halt the testing script for a predefined period between different consecutive commands.
    Explicit Wait – Halt the script execution until a specified condition is met.
  1. What are the different visibility methods to check in WebDriver?
    Following are the methods used for different web elements such as dropdowns, buttons, textboxes, checkboxes, labels, radio buttons etc.isDisplayed()
  1. 8. How to create logging information in Selenium?Logging information can be retrieved using the Log4j framework in Selenium. Creating logging information needs configuring Log4j with appropriate appenders and the subsequent parameters to be set.It is fast, scalable and supports multiple languages.
  1. What are Locators? Name the different locators used in Selenium
    Locators store address for unique web elements in the web page. The following Locators help locate a web element accurately –

    • ID
    • Name
    • ClassName
    • TagName
    • XPath
    • LinkText
    • PartialLinkText
    • DOM
    • CSS Selector
  1. What is the difference between findElement and findElements?
    Both are methods to locate web element typesFindElement() – Locates only one Web element type
    FindElements() – Locates all Web element types. Displays the complete list.

This was just a high level view at the Selenium preparation. Seek a professional course from a reputed institution backed by rich experience in tutoring.

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Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers you must prepare in 2016


Salesforce is the most powerful suite of Cloud applications offering greater insights at Sales, Services and Marketing modules of CRM. While a huge number of candidates are expected to appear for Salesforce Certification in 2016, the following questions will help evaluate your basics and perform well.

  1. What is the difference between and is the PaaS vertical that forms the foundation for the code, database fetching and UI development., being a superset is the SaaS vertical referring to the CRM functionality (Sales, Services & Marketing).
  1. What is the difference between isNull and isBlank?
    IsBlank () is a function that checks if an expression has a value or not. It returns TRUE if there is no value else False. It supports all fields’ type including Text.

IsNull () delivers similar functionality with a difference it supports Number fields only.

  1. Explain different relationships in SFDC.
    Lookup Relationship
    Lookup relationship links up two objects and up to 25 such objects can be linked. Parent fields are not mandatory here and they can be multiple layers deep. Addition to it there is no impact on security or deletion.
    Master-Detail Relationship Master-Detail Relationship has to be a Parent-Child relationship only where Master denotes the Parent and Detail as the child. It can link up to 2 objects and deleting a Parent field automatically deletes Child field. A child in one relationship can’t be the parent in any other relationship.
  1. What is the difference between SOQL and SOSL?
    SOQL – Salesforce Object Query Language

    • Can search one object at a time only
    • Can be used in Triggers and Classes
    • DML operations can be performed
    • All types of fields included

    SOSL – Salesforce Object Search Language

    • Can search multiple objects at a time
    • Can’t be used with Triggers
    • DML operations can’t be performed
    • Works only for email, text and phone types
  1. How many reports types are there in Salesforce?
    There are 4 types of reports in Salesforce that are used to summarize object information

    • Tabular Report – for displaying grand total in Table format
    • Matrix Report – Grouping based on Rows and Columns
    • Summary Report – Grouping done based on Columns only
    • Joined Reports – Joining two or more reports
  1. What is Audit Trail?
    Audit Trail is a function that helps track all the changes performed by different administrators to the Organization in the past 6 months.  It covers details such as

    • Date of changes made
    • Username that made the changes
    • Details of the changes made
  1. What Workflow actions can be performed in Salesforce?
    Following actions can be performed –Email Alert – Email alerts can be triggered through a template developed by the Workflow rule and thus send out a list of recipients.Field Update – Workflow actions to automatically update the value of a field. This could be a calculated value, blank or populate a specific value.Task – Allows assigning a task to a user specifying Subject, Status, Priority and Due Date.Outbound message – It triggers a specific information or message shooting to external services via SOAP messages.
  1. What is the Permission Set?
    Permission Set can be used to grant extended access to a user or more without changing their profiles.

    • Object settings for Tab, Object permissions and Field permissions
    • Access to Apex class
    • System permissions
    • Visualforce access
  1. What is a Dashboard? What are the different components?
    A Dashboard is the page to view reports. Up to 20 multiple reports can be analyzed in a Dashboard.

    • Chart –  For graphical representation
    • Gauge – For depicting some value within a range of values
    • Metric -For key values
    • Visual Page – For creating custom components and display values
    • Custom S Control – For displaying content in a Browser such as Excel files, Java Applet, ActiveX Control etc.
  1.  What are Dependent Fields?
    Dependent Fields can be attached with filters. That is, a condition can be set for displaying the value in a field for example > 100 etc. This was just a glimpse of important Salesforce Interview Questions. It is an extensive platform and calls for a complete course to achieve expertise.Stay in touch for more valuable feeds.

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Why SAP FIORI is here to rule and shouldn’t be ignored?


Overview of Fiori

The dire need for enhanced end user experience has UX making a star comeback. With the Mobility gaining significant business value, handheld devices have reformed information exchange and take critical trade decisions.

As the biggest business application weaver, SAP has pitched for Mobility through Fiori; a platform that lets applications be made for desktops, tablets and the smartphones. Since its inception in 2013, the technology has grown rapidly and received tremendous acclaim.
While the businesses are incarnating their mobile presence, Fiori promises a scintillating career for the demand will go on to rise in times to come.

Fiori – Adds significant value to business

To simplify end user experience through responsive and fast loading screens, Fiori UX comes with integrated capabilities to perform a variety of business functions.

Running on SAP’s Netweaver technology, Fiori architecture allows seamless porting of applications for mobile compatibility. Available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile, Fiori offers exclusive screen developments for a comprehensive set of 700 + business roles.

Based on task differences, 3 types of apps can be developed using Fiori –
Transaction apps – Execute business and financial transactions
Analytics apps – Deeper insights to examine performance of different business functions
Fact Sheets – Display factual information with key parameters

Syncing perfectly with a large no of roles, significant business lines are tapped including HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement and Sales.


Deriving deeper trade insights out of large data and displaying it efficiently, Fiori accounts for the following important advantages –

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Reduced end user errors
  • Simplified design – no major training needed
  • Faster acceptance across roles

Supporting Rapid application Development, the high level view of Fiori Architecture contains the following essential components –

  • SAP Web Dispatcher
  • ABAP Front End Server
  • ABAP Back End Server
  • HANA Database and HANA XS Engine

How do I start with Fiori?

Post sufficient understanding of overview of Fiori, candidates can map their default qualification with interests and opt for a course. The following candidates can benefit by quick learning

  • Mobile app developers
  • HTML 5 developers
  • SAP Consultants with deep knowledge of any one business role
  • SAP WEB UI developers

However, beginners can look upto Fiori for a promising career. A reliable training institute with attested expertise can help attain a strong foundation.

Look out for an institute that offers the following –

  • Online course with live training and recording facilities
  • An experienced SAP Consultant with excellent technical skills
  • Extensive training material, blogs, repositories, assignments etc
  • Professional tie-ups with corporates for placements
  • Real time Project exposure

Fiori is a relatively new technology and will continue to mature with every release. Thus, Fiori consultants have an additional responsibility of self-learning and mastering new features.

Ultimately, there is a lot of Work ahead waiting if Fiori is on your mind.

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