Workday HCM Implementation: Five Things You Need to Know

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HCM Implementation projects are rapid and also often leave pending tasks behind. Actually, the project end is just the starting point for the future of your new HCM environment. Just how to make certain that the advancement roadmap is clear also after the go-live?

Your Workday go-live date unexpectedly appears too close for convenience as many obstacles are endangering to derail your implementation. Completeness and accuracy of the data for your go-live occupant can not be validated, it is not clear who will handle integration, and reports that were expected to be approved by now have actually not even been developed. On top of all of it, your implementation team is stressed out.

However, this situation becomes a reality for several Workday HCM and Finance implementation customers. Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry! I’ll discuss what are the typical cases, as well as just how to take care of such situations.

What are the common HCM Project post-go-live pending tasks and issue scenarios?

During cut-over and go-live days, there are lots of points to prioritize and your team is usually new to manage the way of Workday HCM implementation cycle works.

Below I have mentioned five examples of topics that must be addressed after go-live.

1. Business Processes

business processes

As we all understand, the pillar of Workday is business procedures, and a general sense of these business processes ensures the smooth performance of the system. One example of a common issue circumstance is when the business procedure steps and conditions, which you have evaluated thoroughly throughout the testing phase, bring unanticipated circumstances when collaborating with various nations, different organization units, or different users after go-live.

An additional issue might emerge when you try to remove or add a few of the step conditions, validations, help texts, and so on. There can also be some extra notifications, which are currently troubling managers or Human Resources team.

It is necessary to on a regular basis allocate individuals to enhance your processes and also make certain that your system configuration fits the most effective to your present business needs.

2. Security

hcm security

Security is also one of the most essential variables and no matter just how you think that you are ready or not, you will still find inconsistencies. Fixing them will allow you to considerably boost your Cloud HCM Solution.

It is not uncommon that customers who have actually been deal with Workday for a while have as well intricate safety structures, which does not fit their current business requirements. Which is why Protection constantly requires to be thoroughly assessed.

You can get a specialist analysis of the security model. Because of this, you will certainly get ideas on exactly how the security model could be boosted to function more effectively and properly.

3. Integrations 


There can be a few integrations as well as custom reports which were not considered in scope during the preliminary project, but now after the go-live, you may feel the need. Throughout cut-over as well as later in the hyper care stage, obtaining quality data in place as well as loading it to the system is actually an important aspect.

Focus on the needs and seek extra hands, if you can not get this done in place on your own.

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4. New Release Updates

Throughout some implementation projects, the solution is built and examined on the current-at-the-time Workday Version, but as quickly as you go live, you get a new version in. In this situation, the latest Workday functions are commonly not sufficiently utilized. This results in the circumstance when you might not be producing the highest return of investments in this technology.

To get maximum advantage of your new tool you need experts to assess as well as apply the most up to date features. The need may feature every new Workday release which should be taken into consideration whenever you create resourcing strategies.

5. End-User Experience

end user experience

Finally, end-user experience and employee engagement are constantly one of the crucial aspects of an effective project. Determining training needs in specific user groups is crucial to customer adoption. Additional aid may come handy to determine and collaborate training paths within your company.


It is irrevocable that successful, Workday Deployment as well as post-go-live life, is all about teamwork, co-operation between us, consultants as well as you, the customer side stakeholders: project manager, stream leads, HR process owners,  integration owners/leads, project members, testers as well as third-party project providers, as well as integration system vendors.

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