What’s new in SAP HANA SPS12?

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SAP HANA SP12 focuses on simplifying IT, innovating modern applications, and accelerating insights. SAP HANA being evolved as an advanced enterprise solution that provides a platform to run critical business processes. SAP HANA is also maximizing the value to gain a competitive advantage by building modern and customized applications that can unlock the new insights.

By promoting SAP HANA SPS12, management and administration have further simplified. Its advanced analytical capabilities and powerful security helps in having unified platform for all your applications. Let’s take a closer look of SAP HANA SPS12.

  • Simplify IT


Figure 1: Simplifying IT using SAP HANA SP12

The SPS12 offers a simplified version of capturing workloads and replay them on the systems to simulate real-time workloads and compare runtime statements. This is used especially for managing the workload; it takes into account the changes in the environment and observes the functioning of the applications.

Workload management easily enables or disables workload classes that can remove the workload constraints temporarily to complete specific tasks. Additionally, the system replication adds more sync/async combinations between first, second, and third replication tiers for greater flexibility while managing system landscapes. The SAP HANA cockpit manages all backup jobs, monitoring longest running threads active in the system, and integrates workload management and security.

  • Innovate modern applications


Figure 2: Modern IT Applications

SAP HANA SPS 11 has redesigned the architecture of application services in order to scale database services that can support new run times: JavaScript (Node.js), and Java on Apache TomEE/Tomcat. Also, with SP12 support for standard code management tools like Git, GitHub and Maven includes integrated Git/Gerrit to offer enhanced workflow of Git approvals and code reviews. To improve the efficiency, SAP HANA SP12 introduces a theory of partial runtime download. This eliminates the concept of redeploying an entire Java or Node.js runtime during starting of new service.

SAP HANA consists of a graph engine with built-in algorithms that help in finding links to without the need of creating complex JOIN statements. A graph-viewer tool displays the real-time graph data.

Accelerating Insights:

To achieve the digital transformation, transforming of the data is critical. SAP HANA has small data integration (SDI) acts as adapters to access the data from a wide range of systems. It also supports new sources like Google+, Informix, E-mail (.pst) file.

SAP HANA’s SDI has new actively working capabilities like scheduling immediate tasks, processing remote subscription exceptions and creating, altering and dropping agents. It’s another feature of starting, pausing, resuming and discontinuing real-time application is also critical. Additionally, OData and Hadoop HDFS adapters are supported increasingly in rear/write settings.


Figure 3: SAP HANA Platform for Accelerating Insights

Besides this, SAP HANA SP12 Smart Data Access (SDA) augments Kerberos-constrained delegation support for authentication for HANA-to-HANA settings to provide the end-to-end user experience. SAP HANA platform continues to provide enhanced services that can run businesses from digital core to critical applications.

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