What’s Driving Workday’s Popularity?

Category: Workday HCM Posted:Sep 04, 2020 By: Alvera Anto

Workday stepped into the ERP scene a couple of years ago as a streamlined, user-friendly alternative to the conventional ERP platforms.

Started by 2 of the same leaders behind PeopleSoft, Workday was meant to address many of the common gripes about Peoplesoft and other conventional ERP systems built on pre-2000s architecture.

Organizations across the board are considering a move towards Workday. So what’s driving Workday’s popularity as the ERP system of choice?


ERP systems are expensive. The constant upgrades are costly. The need to employ specialists and project teams to lead upgrades is expensive.

One of Workday’s biggest benefit is the significantly lower price following the initial implementation. It is necessary to bear in mind that similar to any kind of ERP system, the preliminary implementation of Workday is expensive. In the long-run though, Workday can minimize the cost via two of its other advantages: global upgrade, and also modern interface. The universal upgrade protects against companies from having to frequently take on pricey upgrades, and the modern interface makes it simpler for organization partners and employees to buy-in, and in some circumstances can minimize the price of training. More to come on both of these areas.

Universal upgrade

Workday was designed from day one to be a cloud-based system, separating it from most other ERP systems which were originally made before the cloud transformation, and then forced to adapt.

As such, every customer of Workday gets on the very same version; every customer is updated to the new version instantly. This approach eliminates one of the most frustrating elements of conventional ERP systems— the ongoing requirement for upgrades. By turning over the responsibility of conversions to Workday, organizations no longer require to shoulder the problem and cost of planning and managing upgrades.

For companies that require heavy customizations or tight control over upgrades, Workday’s one-version-for-all approach can be problematic. The ability to customize is almost non-existent, and upgrade timelines are figured out by Workday instead of the organization.

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Modern interface

As a system was built following the digital revolution, Workday’s interface feels much more new and fresh; similar to your iPhone or Facebook than a lot of the older, clunky ERP interfaces.

The modern, more intuitive feel frequently relieves the adoption of Workday for company partners and employees. The Workday app receives constant updates bringing it in line with modern-day innovative technology firms, rather than large-scale ERP firms that typically lag.

Better reporting

The modern interface aids Workday to master the reporting space. Organizations that make the switch, often keep in mind that Workday offers reporting that gives greater understanding with workable data permitting managers to move quickly to make required modifications.

Workday has often lead the way in introducing trailblazing coverage in recent times. They frequently work directly with their flagship customers to craft new reporting and analytical capabilities that meet their clients’ demands.

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Bottom line

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