Top-Reasons-to-choose-SAP-SuccessFactorsPresently, the competition in the business market is increasing day by day. The organizations or businesses not only have to keep track of employee records but they also have to manage the entire workforce activities. The organization should be able to find the best talent among the employees and capable of retaining them. Thus, in order to carry out these tasks, there must be robust HCM software. The HCM software supports human resource to simplify various HR processes and in saving the time and money of the organization. SAP has provided its new age cloud-based HCM suite called SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors is the most demanding and successful HCM suite nowadays. It is set to become a requirement in the IT industry and almost all the fortune 500 organizations have already started transforming towards it.

Using SAP SuccessFactors, the organization can mine the maximum amount of performance and talent from their staffs, by keeping everyone motivated and on a similar page. SAP SuccessFactors transform numerous business strategies into quantifiable business results by simplifying HR processes and maximizing workforce engagement. The modern cloud technology makes the SAP SuccessFactors easy to use, run and simple so that the organizational people get succeeded.

Features of SAP SuccessFactors:



SAP SuccessFactors exhibit a lot of features due to which most of the organizations are attracting towards it and utilizing it to carry out their various HR processes effectively. SAP SuccessFactors involves the following features:

  • Recruiting: SAP SuccessFactors provides the complete end-to-end recruiting solutions which integrate a recruiting and marketing platform with a robust set of tools for selection and analysis. It helps you to attract, engage and select better candidates. Also, it provides the best way to measure the business impact easily.
  • On-boarding: SAP SuccessFactors makes on-boarding a planned process which enhances the job satisfaction, time to productivity and first-year retention; this could be possible by guiding hiring managers, allowing new recruiters and associating on-boarding to other administration activities.
  • Employee Central: This feature allows you to provide an actual business impact with a futuristic core HR system that redefines self-service when it comes to HR systems. Strategy-oriented IT teams and HR have realized that a user-friendly HR solution is the best approach to generate and maintain precise employee data. With the help of employee central, it is easy to capture employee, organizational and talent data in one solution, which delivers better outcomes quickly.
  • Performance and Goals: This feature enables the executives to track the goal progress in real time, communicate strategy, and creation of the meaningful team and individual goals across the company and placing the focus on employees matter.  This facilitates the organization to encourage their workforce to perform their best and produce an exact pay-for-performance culture. It also provides simple solutions which allow engaging performance management and smoother compensation.
  • Succession & Development: With the help of this feature, the organization can better expect and plan for recruitment changes and ensure employees talent readiness at all enterprise levels. It also helps to align learning activities with competency gaps to prepare organizations employee for the existing and future requirements. It is also possible to improve motivation with continuous development and career planning.
  • Learning: This feature helps in creating all-exclusive learning strategy with a comprehensive learning management solution, i.e., LMS which allows you to manage, develop and deploy instructor-led, and official and social online training. SAP SuccessFactors learning feature encourages the learning professionals to enhance their abilities, create pioneers and lower compliance hazard.
  • Workforce Planning: With the help of this feature, the organization will be able to leverage in-depth workforce information and benchmarks to measure readiness for the execution of strategies, predict the impact of business decisions and reduce risk by taking action.
  • Workforce Analytics & Reporting: This feature helps the organizations to deliver actionable and quantitative insights to the business leaders with a great combination of talent and business data that produces easy to understand and inspired information by stakeholders. This act as a massive catalyst for bringing about positive change in the business.

Reasons to Select SAP SuccessFactors: Well, various reasons force the organization to choose SAP SuccessFactors to accomplish various HR related operations. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Modern HR solutions: It provides innovative HR solution that enables rethinking and re-imagining of HR with intelligent services such as machine learning, digital assistants, etc.

2. Attractive user experiences: SAP SuccessFactors offers straightforward and engaging experiences for all users through all devices. It delivers an enterprise solution like the user’s application. With the help of new technologies, it is easy to enhance the organization’s performance. The modern user interfaces are used to engage the users and support them with an objective that user can perform their task as per their choice. Using these interfaces, the employees can connect and communicate with each other, to share the knowledge and information related to the projects or other works.

3. Robust analytics: It offers entrenched perception so that the users can get the relevant information to take the better business decision.

4. Delivering services in SaaS: Software as a Service is a cloud-based technology, which provides services across the internet. This service does not require any installation and maintenance of the software. The users can effectively run their business through SaaS using the software as per their requirements. SAP SuccessFactors is usually delivered in a secure and highly scalable architecture, which recommends the quick sending of the customers, results, and consistent creation to the user with a lesser cost of possession. SAP SuccessFactors provides complete services and support to the employee to ensure their success.

5. SAP SuccessFactors provides the user with flexible deployment, quick start, the faster recognition of value, and capability to enhance business requirements.

6. It also offers innovative experiences, modified, and intuitive solutions which help the businesses to transform their workforce experience.

7. SAP SuccessFactors offers data, procedure and user-experience integration which help to spread investments and solutions.

8. It is an open and innovative platform ecosystem of partner applications that extend solution capabilities.

9. It is easy to integrate SAP SuccessFactors with all SAP applications so that you can extract most of the data from the entire organization.

10. SAP SuccessFactors has a decent architecture and extension framework which help businesses to apply unique application requirements and maintain them flawlessly with each new update.

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SAP SuccessFactors offers a comprehensive HCM suite which helps the organization to manage the entire workforce and their operating life cycle. SAP SuccessFactors has delivered numerous exclusive benefits because of this it is used in various organizations nowadays. With the help of SAP SuccessFactors, it is easy to transform several business strategies into quantifiable outcomes by simplifying the HR processes and improving employee engagement.It also provides an extraordinary arrangement of core HR and talent solutions based on present cloud technology, which makes it easy to use, run and straightforward for individuals to succeed.


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